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Taylorsville City Library Offers Summer Fun

Jul 03, 2015 12:18PM ● By Jessica Thompson

Sawyer and his mom Leora Olsen look at a tortoise that is a part of the Wild Wonders event. Photo courtesy of Shelly Ward

Taylorsville - It’s mid-summer and you’re probably running out of fun ideas to keep active children interested in something other than mischief. Perhaps it is time for a trip to Taylorsville City Library, which offers new events every day to entertain and educate children.  

Most Taylorsville schools are on a traditional calendar, making summers an ideal time to take a family trip to the library. Shelly Ward, Taylorsville Library youth services librarian, said, “We want to encourage children to attend the library, to keep reading and to have an excuse to learn something they haven’t learned before while having new adventures. The best part is if they liked what they learned during one of the programs, they can use the books at the library as a springboard to keep studying those new and exciting topics.” The library has a little bit of everything for your family. If your child likes Harry Potter, cowboys or Star Wars, the library’s events have them covered. 

At the Wild Wonders event children were able to take a closer look at wild animals. Here Aaboli Samant pets a spiky hedgehog. Photo courtesy of Shelly Ward

In July and August, activities for the whole family include a movie matinee featuring “Into the Woods” and “The Hobbit.” There will also be events for the little cowboy in your life called “Meet Cowboys of the Old West,” where Craig Creek Johnson and Lannie Scopes of “Hired Guns” will sing songs, tell stories and have crazy adventures with cowboys of the Old West. The library also has craft pieces for your child to assemble at home, such as a moon rocket for the anniversary of the moon landing or Harry Potter potions and crafts to celebrate Harry Potter’s birthday. 

“It’s fun to see children learn something new and ask questions. When you see a child in awe of something new and keep asking question after question it helps us see how kids are so capable of learning. In fact most of the experts at our events are the children. No one knows more about a dinosaur than a three-year-old. I love to watch children learn,” said Ward. 

Let the library help keep you and your family stay sane in the summer months by participating in these free and exciting events. “We hope people in our community will come to see what we have to offer. That the library is there as an asset and that we are here to help them during the summer and the school year. We hope the library will give them opportunities to get out of the heat, see new things and be together as a family,” Ward said. 

If you would like to learn more about how you can meet the Star Wars collector, Sean Vance, community firefighters or real-life superheroes, visit: for a calendar of the events at the Taylorsville City Library during July and August.