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The 10 Biggest Ad Myths That Can Cost Local Advertisers Money

Are you not getting as much of a return from your advertising investment as you’re hoping? Or have you completely given up on advertising because you’ve found it ineffective? You’re not alone. No matter where you run your ad, there are tricks to getting a strong response.

So, we have a free guide for you that might help (without any sales pitch from us). It debunks much of the “advertising folklore” we see passed around this industry that’s really meant for large, national brands, not local advertisers like you.

It covers topics such as how often you should run an ad before expecting a response (we believe your ad should work the very first time), why “white space” isn’t as important as some people think, the difference between advertising online and in print, and why you don’t need any special creative skills to get a response.

We’re sharing the top 10 mistakes most local advertisers make and explaining why. Just fill out the form and we’ll send you a link to download it immediately. We’re guessing it’ll help you make the most of your advertising budget, no matter what size it is.