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Riverton City Park

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Reconstructed and re-opened in June 2015, the Riverton City Park is a premier City venue for special events, family gathering, and artistic display.

Whether it's individual relaxation, small group activities, or large event occassions, the Riverton City Park is designed to meet the broad needs of our entire community.

Riverton City Park, boy on playgroundA variety of shade trees and meandering sidewalks circle the expertly landscaped park and naturally inspire peace and relaxation. Indoor and outdoor pavilions, vast lawn areas, playgrounds and recreational courts are also available for fun and enjoyment at every level.

The Riverton City Park includes:

An updated, state-of-the art, rodeo arena Five acres of lush, open lawn space Splash pad (open from Memorial Day to Labor Day)Riverton City Park Splash Pad Skate Park 3 Playgrounds 3 Workout stations 2 Tennis Courts 4 Pickleball Courts Basketball Courts Riverton City Park, Pickleball PlayerVolleyball Pit A small, covered outdoor pavilion A large, covered outdoor pavilion And the architectural gem, providing classic ambiance for any indoor function, the Old Dome Meeting Hall

The Riverton City Park was created for you. We hope you take time to visit regularly and enjoy all it has to offer.