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Child abuse prevention measures highlighted at council meeting

Apr 30, 2022 09:40AM ● By Cassie Goff

By Cassie Goff | [email protected]

On April 7, the Cottonwood Heights City Council proclaimed the entire month of April as Child Abuse Prevention Month. The city council hopes to highlight the seriousness of child abuse and its impacts to the Cottonwood Heights community.  

“Investing in children’s general welfare, safety, and livelihood is of utmost importance,” said Mayor Mike Weichers. “All children deserve to grow up in a safe and nurturing environment to assure that they are able to reach their full potential.”

Cottonwood Heights recognizes child abuse as a serious problem thought the world. It can cross all racial, religious, socio-economic and geographic boundaries.

In 2010, there were 10,564 cases of physical, mental, sexual, or emotional abuse of a child in the State of Utah.

“On average, one in 10 Utah children will be abused before they turn 18,” reported Eric Biggart from Salt Lake County.

“Each instance of child abuse impacts not only the family but also the entire community,” stated Weichers.

The city council hopes to raise awareness of child abuse within the community. They encourage residents to be educated on the signs of child abuse and to be attentive to the families around them. While signs of abuse vary widely case by case, some of the key behaviors can may include: hyperactivity, social withdrawal, poor concentration, distractibility, bed-wetting, phobias, and nightmares or other sleeping problems.

The council is committed to doing everything they can to prevent child abuse, and they hope residents within the city will do the same.

For a full resource guide on child abuse, visit:

For more information on preventing child abuse, visit Prevent Child Abuse Utah at:

For more information about the Utah Chapter of Prevent Child Abuse, visit:

The Utah Department of Human Services can be contacted through

For more information about preventing or treating child abuse, visit Family Haven (