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Riverton City leaders ask residents to ‘Keep Riverton Beautiful’ with citywide initiative

Feb 10, 2020 02:55PM ● By Kaleigh Stock

Riverton City officials remind residents to conserve water this June with the Keep Riverton Beautiful initiative.

By Kaleigh Stock | [email protected]

Riverton’s Public Works and City Council started their “Keep Riverton Beautiful” initiative in January. 

The goal of the initiative is to, “combine city resources and engaged citizens to keep the city beautiful year-round.” Each month will feature a new season-appropriate project created with the intent to, you guessed it, keep Riverton beautiful. Each Riverton resident, no matter the age or demographic, is encouraged to show pride in their beautiful city and state by participating in this citywide initiative.

The end of February can be a great time to dispose of last season’s tires (or to turn them into a spring tire swing for the kids!). On Wednesday, Feb. 26, drop by the Riverton Rodeo Arena to dispose of old tires, free of charge. Disposal is limited to eight tires per local resident. This service is not available for commercial businesses. 

In March, visit the Jordan Valley Water Conservancy District's Conservation Garden Park to discover smart, economical ways to plant your spring garden. Experts will be there to show local residents how to plant “water-wise” plants for a sensible and environmentally friendly garden. 

April showers bring May flowers and help us grow big, beautiful trees. Arbor Day is a great day to join the community to make Riverton a little greener than it was before by planting more trees. Watch and learn how to properly plant and care for a tree with Riverton’s very own arborist, Patrick “Roman” Williams at Centennial Park at 9 a.m. on Saturday, April 25. Williams has been turning Riverton green since 2016. He hopes locals will be inspired to help him with his goal of “ensuring Riverton’s urban forest infrastructure for current and future generations.”  

If Riverton residents have had items that can’t go into recycling bins (such as electronics, bulk paper or glass) lying around the house, taking up precious space and peace of mind, Keep Riverton Beautiful presents an ideal opportunity for them to get a start on their spring cleaning. In May, Riverton City crews will take these items off of its residents’ hands and minds. Residents can check in with Riverton City’s new website for updates on the dates and times of this recycling event. Specific dates and times will be posted in the near future.

Riverton leaders hope to help residents better conserve sprinkler water this June. Residents can head over to the Riverton Parks and Recreation window at City Hall to pick up a free set of sprinkler catch-cups. These will help residents run a performance assessment on their yard irrigation systems and then adjust water usage accordingly to conserve water.

Riverton officials asks all residents to please be courteous and aware of their fireworks use and habits over the fourth and 24th of July. City leaders ask that all residents show accountability and responsibility by disposing of used fireworks properly in garbage bins after they have been used and cooled to the point of being safe to throw away. Cleaned up fireworks means cleaner, safer streets.

In another resident-run project, Riverton officials hope residents will participate in public park cleanup. Cleanup time can be a nice opportunity to teach kids about civic responsibility. Riverton asks volunteers to “adopt” a Riverton City park and bring all their family and friends to make these urban sanctuaries more beautiful than they were when they found them. 

September is a beautiful month to be outside and to participate in Riverton’s Get to the River Festival's Jordan River cleanup event. Give back to the city and to the river that will be bringing Riverton residents paddle rides, canoeing and more at this yearly river festival. For more information on this family-friendly festival, visit

In October, Riverton City crews will help residents clean up their yards and homes by giving out free Trans-Jordan Landfill dump passes. Pick these passes up at the Utility Billing window at Riverton City Hall. The passes are limited to two passes per household per year.

Riverton leaders asks residents to remember to clean their storm drains and the areas around their storm drains this coming November to ensure no one has the unpleasant experience of clogged drains come first snow. Clogged drains can be reported to city crews by calling 801-208-3162, but proper preparation will prevent that call from needing to be made.

For December, Riverton officials remind residents to “keep snow away from fire hydrants and mailboxes that surround (residents’) property during the winter months, and that, “Fire hydrants must be accessible in an emergency; it's the law.”

More detailed information will be posted as monthly projects approach. To keep up with these city updates on individual, monthly projects, visit each month.