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Riverton incentive award for excellent conduct by Officer EJ Estrada

Nov 04, 2019 04:37PM ● By Kirk Bradford

Newly formed Police Department Chief Don Hutson presenting officer EJ Estrada an award for excellent conduct with his team. (Kirk Bradford/City Journals)

By Kirk Bradford | [email protected]

At last month’s Riverton City Council meeting, Chief Don Hutson of the recently formed Riverton Police Department, presented an award to one of its officers for “showing exemplary conduct and decision making.” 

Officer EJ Estrada was presented the award by his chief in front of his entire squad unit. Estrada’s entire crew was on scene for the award as a show of respect. Hutson joked that nobody would congratulate the department on its three-month anniversary.

The award citation explained that on Friday, Sept. 20, at 1 a.m., Estrada was finishing a DUI arrest, and he cleared it to respond to an attempted suicide occurring. The complainant reported a 27-year-old male had cut his wrist. Estrada drove quickly to the residence. Upon arrival, he noticed a significant amount of blood inside the residence. Estrada encountered the man and was able to safely secure the knife away from them in a professional way by not allowing the situation to escalate and without allowing the man to harm Estrada or himself. 

The man had a severe laceration into his bone on the left arm. Estrada immediately provided medical care for the man, including carefully applying a tourniquet. He was able to remain calm and get emergency dispatchers to expedite paramedics. They transported the male suicide patient to the hospital. The paramedic told Estrada’s sergeant that Estrada did a great job of applying the tourniquet. The doctor at the hospital said the laceration severed an artery, and the bleed was life-threatening. He said Estrada should be commended for his ability to safely control the situation in disarming this person and being able to get him to safety and save his life.  

Hutson, the city council and audience members gave a standing ovation to Estrada after he received his award.