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Accomplishments of Bingham High community preserved in alumni display

Oct 03, 2019 01:45PM ● By Julie Slama

When the graduating class of 2019 learned about the alumni display honoring those who have had great accomplishments tied to Bingham High, they said, “Let us do that” and now, plaques are proudly displayed on four school walls. (Photo courtesy of Christen Richards-Khong/Bingham High)

By Julie Slama | [email protected]

Each year, graduating seniors decide on a class gift to present to the school — a miner statue near the main office, the shield on the hill with the letter “B” or even signage in the gym.

Bingham High graduating class of 2019 was no different, but instead of buying a gift for the school, they raised and put about $10,000 into upgrading and creating the alumni honor walls in the foyer of the 44-year-old school building.

“It’s a contribution to Bingham, a display with historic photos planned and designed by the alumni board, paid for by the class of 2019 through dances and fundraisers,” Bingham High Principal Christen Richards-Khong said. “They found out what was needed and said, ‘Let us do that.’”

The alumni honor wall actually spans four walls near, adjoining and across from the school’s main office. It features displays of both the Pick & Shovel award and the Candlelight service award.

“The Pick & Shovel award recognizes great achievements done by our alumni,” Richards-Khong said. “At this year’s homecoming, the alumni association will be recognizing two alumni, Deanne and Gary Curtis.”

The wall with those awards features plaques of alumni photographs and engraved descriptions of their achievements. Most are current photographs when they won the award rather than when they were students, she said.

The Candlelight service awards are presented for great service to Bingham by alumni, teachers or former teachers and the community. These awards are presented in December and plaques with photographs are mounted on the wall by the miner in the foyer. 

“The alumni display will proudly showcase the success and contributions of our Miners through the years,” she said.

Bingham High was established in 1908, making it one of the oldest schools in the state.