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Many summer nights still ahead at Red Butte’s Summer 2019

Jul 31, 2019 12:30PM ● By Jennifer J Johnson

Still to come at Red Butte Garden’s summer concert series? Umphrey’s McGee/Pigeons Playing Ping Pong; Jonny Lang/JJ Grey and Mofro; The Mighty O.A.R.; The Wood Brothers/Colter Wall; Amos Lee/Madison Cunningham; Gov’t Mule; Boz Skaggs; and what is sure to be a quick sellout? Modest Mouse. All tickets available, as of press time Aug. 1 is when MM tickets go on sale. (Images courtesy Red Butte Garden/Design by Jennifer J. Johnson)

By Jennifer J. Johnson | [email protected]

As with many things, absolutes are rarely the answer, when it comes to Red Butte Garden’s Outdoor Concert Series.

Yes, concerts do sell out. But, there are many kicking concerts still available for your Summer 2019 bucket list.

Yes, the concert season lost a July 30 visit from John Prine, but he is off to what is hoped to be a speedy recovery. 

And, Modest Mouse is a new arrival to the schedule, keeping the Red Butte schedule at a full 31 shows this summer—which started May 31 and will wrap Sept. 23.

Modest Mouse: Sept 20, on sale Aug. 1

Reportedly packing the Twilight Concert up to 40,000-some when they were in Salt Lake in 2010, lucky Red Butte ticket holders have the chance to catch this epic-twisted, alternative-rock band Sept. 20. Tickets go on Sale Aug. 1. This will sell out.

Umprhey’s McGee/Pigeons Playing Ping Pong – Aug. 4

Umprhrey’s McGee hits Red Butte Aug. 4, bringing the band’s experimental blend of rock, metal, funk, jazz, blues—need a breath yet?—reggae, electro, bluegrass, and yes, folk.

The band will be joined by marathon-touring funk/jam group Pigeons Playing Ping Pong. 

Note: This show starts early – the Sunday show starts at 6 p.m., with gates opening at 5 p.m.

Tickets now available. 

Jonny Lang/JJ Grey and Mofro – Aug. 5

Among the beauties of Red Butte’s Summer Concert Series is the breadth and variety. Jonny Lang pays off that promise. Lang, a blues-gospel-rock artist is not only Grammy-laureled, but is a charts hero. Lang has charted on the top 50 of the Billboard 200. He will be joined at the Red Butte Amphitheatre by Southern soul-rock band JJ Grey and Mofro. If “swamp rock” intrigues? This is the ticket. 

Tickets now available. 

The Mighty O.A.R./American Authors – Aug. 9

This concert is mighty timely, with The Mighty just having released an album in March, titled just that—The Mighty. 

Pop-rockers American Authors will join The Mighty for the night at Red Butte. 

Note: This is another early show—gates open at 5 p.m. and show is at 6 p.m. 

Tickets now available.

The Wood Brothers – Aug. 28

Upright bass, and dueling acoustic and electric guitars frame the Americana-folk of The Wood Brothers. 

Canadian-doing-Americana Colter Wall will bring his brand of “Outlaw Country” to Red Butte, accompanying the Wood Brothers trio.

Tickets now available.

Amos Lee and Madison Cunningham – Aug. 29

The “New Moon Tour” seems to appeal to Salt Lake metropolitan area’s “crystal set.” The folk-rock-soul performer Amos Lee will deliver the “New Moon” to the area with co-performer Madison Cunningham—an old-folk-musical-soul most heralded for her “songcraft”—all in a 21-year old’s frame. 

Tickets now available. 

Gov’t Mule – Sept. 4

Having hard-liner rockers Gov’t Mule follow “The New Moon Tour” again displays Red Butte programmers’ versatility and consideration of Salt Lake’s varied musical tastes.

The “rock torch bearers” are celebrating their 20thanniversary touring with what else, but a musical party for all to enjoy. Don’t forget, the group started as a fancy of southern rock legends The Allman Brothers Band. 

This deep band needs no opener. Bring on the Mule.

Tickets now available.

Boz Skaggs – Sept. 15

Much more so than even Seal’s music did for those lucky to catch him this summer at Red Butte, Boz Skaggs—for the audience who has known his music for decades—gets in your head, but in a wonderful, comforting, non-irritating way.

This veteran performer promises to deliver a fulfilling night—for those already in the know and those wanting to explore romance and what has been called “blue-eyed soul” for his delicious blend of—you guessed it—blues, rock, and soul. 

Tickets now available.


John Prine’s concert was canceled, and, regrettably, is not able to be rescheduled. 

Information on refunds available here.