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A Life for Seniors helps seniors transition to a community that fits

May 01, 2019 02:37PM ● By Justin Adams

Amelia Larson helped Mary find the right place for her. (Photo courtesy of A Life for Seniors)

By Heather Lawrence | [email protected]

Amelia Larson started her business A Life for Seniors because she knew how important it was for seniors to find a place that fits. “I worked for years in assisted living and know firsthand what it’s like. When seniors transition to a new community or a care community, it’s crucial they have the right fit,” Larson said. 

When someone transitions to assisted living, they need to know they’ve made the right choice, and A Life for Seniors wants their clients to feel assured. “What really sets us apart from the rest are our Guiding Principles. We wrote them around the letters that spell L-I-F-E.”

L- Love your family as if they were our own.
I- Impart guidance from leading industry experts to help you.
F-Free you from stress and worry and make this often-challenging time easier.
E- Earn your trust through our years of experience and education.

Larson’s first task as an advisor is to have a free phone consult. “I want to really understand your needs and preferences. For example, if you’re looking for a good community for your mom, and she likes to be social, I’ll look for a couple of places with lots of good activities,” Larson said. 

Other criteria come into play, too. Larson asks questions to understand her clients’ physical and medical needs. If a person needs help with activities of daily living, she’ll look for places where there are CNAs to provide that. If they’re concerned about good food, she looks for places known for their food. 

With years of experience in the assisted living field, A Life for Seniors knows the questions to ask and what to look for in assisted living, but they also know that there is usually a high emotional cost to this transition. 

“It was a very difficult time for me and my mother when I had to transition her from independent living to assisted living. When I met Amelia, she really put my mind at ease. She was very knowledgeable and really wanted to learn about my mother and how she could help get the resources she needed,” said Janna, a client of A Life for Seniors.  

Other clients agree. “Amelia was a pillar of support for our family. We were blessed to have her help in making the best choices for our aunt’s needs,” said Elizabeth, whose family used the services while they were living out of state. 

After the initial consultation, A Life for Seniors puts together a list of communities that fit your health needs, area preferences and other requirements. “The choices can be overwhelming, so I like to start with a list of two or three communities that might be a good fit,” Larson said. 

A Life for Seniors then sets up tours of the communities and meets clients there. “I’ve vetted all the communities that we are partners with. I go on the tour with my clients and their families and I know all the essential questions to ask,” Larson said. 

To contact A Life for Seniors, check their website at You can also email Amelia Larson at [email protected], or call them at 801-509-9685