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No woofs about it, Draper eases punishment on dog leash law

May 07, 2018 03:05PM ● By Michelynne Mc Guire

Two dogs socialize at Draper’s off-leash dog park. (C.Webster/photos)

By Michelynne McGuire | [email protected]

This may be something for your dog to woof about: at the city council meeting on March 27, an ordinance regarding penalties for having a dog off-leash in a recreational facility was approved.

“The state code makes off-leash violations class B misdemeanors,” Mayor Troy Walker said. “It’s the same crime level as a DUI, frankly. So, we are trying to make it a little bit less of a penalty.”  

This change “gives you a chance to be warned, without class B misdemeanor,” said Walker.

Councilwoman Michele Weeks thanked the mayor for the change. “I thought that was a great idea and I’m glad to see it up there.”

Walker said he wouldn’t take all the credit for such action, making light of receiving a lot of calls from angry residents.

With these enforced regulations, off-leash dog parks have become a place to go for some dog owners who like to socialize their dogs and let them roam leash free and penalty free within the safety of an enclosed park geared strictly for dogs.

Perhaps these leash laws are part of the reason Draper’s Dayland Dog Park, a newer off-leash dog park, is rising in popularity.

So much so that one Draper resident commented on how the parking situation for the new dog park is becoming more limited as more people are going.

The woman said parking at the Dayland Dog Park has been busy and cars are “overflowing” from the current parking lot, and parking on the streets is making it hard for her to get around such parked cars. She said this could potentially pose a safety issue with people exiting and entering vehicles parked on the street.

While the parking has become a problem at Dayland, it seems that everything else is running smoothly; people and dogs alike seem to really enjoy the park. Both the dogs and the people can be seen socializing there. “I drive all the way from Sandy to visit this dog park, mainly because my dog seems to enjoy the park and its features,” said a Sandy resident who wished to remain anonymous.  

Off-leash dog parks are available in other areas as well, such as Parley’s Historic Nature Park, which offers a scenic presence of a nature trail to walk in and enjoy.

With penalties for failing to comply with dog-leash laws so severe, many prefer the “better safe than sorry” route, and seek off-leash dog parks that are comparable in feel to parks where leashes are required.

In other doggy related news, spring is here, and with that Draper Animal Services is reminding residents that all dogs are required to be licensed by age four months, or within 30 days of moving to Draper. Residents must also stay up to date with a rabies certificate, and bring that to Animal Services to obtain a dog license. This should be renewed yearly.

Draper Animal Services is located at 12375 Galena Park Rd. (550 W.) in Draper. Phone: 801-576-1805.