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Letter to the Editor: Cottonwood Mall site

Apr 02, 2018 09:11PM ● By Jana Klopsch

Dear Editor –

I am writing to voice my support for the Ivory Homes and Woodbury Corporation development at the old Cottonwood Mall site. It is evident the developers have made great efforts to listen to the community. I believe they have heard our concerns and modified the plans to accommodate the changes for which we have asked.

Those of us who have reviewed the plans have met the new designs and changes with great enthusiasm and excitement. The changes that have been made greatly benefit our community and keep the charm we value in Holladay.

The new plans are lovely. The lots for single-family homes are larger, there are fewer apartments, and the commercial aspect is very exciting. Just as important the building height has been reduced, there is a lovely walking/running/biking trail around the development, and there is a large amount of open space where we can gather as families and as a community.

A lot has also been said about TIF money, or Redevelopment Agency Money. I believe it’s very important that Holladay residents understand the truth about this funding. The truth is TIF funds don’t come out of my pocket or my neighbor’s pockets. These funds are only generated from money produced by the development once it’s up and going. The developers are the ones taking the financial risk, not us, the citizens of Holladay.

There is only one concern I have about this new development. I am concerned that if we don’t let this lovely, thought-out development proceed, we will look at this decaying, decrepit and dilapidated eyesore for another decade while forfeiting the benefits of this development for another generation.

I urge your readers to learn more about the new development. I urge them to take an honest look at the plans and see what changes have been made. I also urge your readers to contact their City Council representative and tell them to vote in favor on the plans to redevelop the old Cottonwood Mall.


Kathleen Zenger Nilsen