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New intersection plans for Redberry Road at Lone Peak Parkway

Lone Peak Extension Project. ( Draper City Engineering Division)

In a unique situation, the public was invited to vote on whether to have a cul-de-sac or a T-intersection at their residential location of Redberry Road and Lone Peak Parkway. The city council unanimously approved a T-intersection on Feb. 6; the project is almost done with design, and will be bid out to contractors soon. 

Mayor Troy Walker read from the city council agenda, from a staff report done by Engineer Glade Robbins, informing that “the City mailed a flier to 50 residents informing them about the project and the options. They were invited to attend an open house that was held here in this building, in this room, (Draper City Hall) that took place on January 30, 2018, to vote in person or they could vote online. To date, 44 votes have been cast and the current tally is 25 in favor of the T-intersection and 19 in favor of the cul-de-sac.” 

City Engineer Scott Cooley commented on the report, stating “We’re at the point where we need to make a decision…The primary advantage for the cul-de-sac would be for the residents who live along Redberry…less vehicle traffic, the disadvantages of that are that it isolates that road, and pushes more of the traffic onto other roads. The advantages of this T-intersection are that it makes that connection, spreading the vehicular traffic out among two different roads…Several who had voted for the cul-de-sac option said they would actually be fine if we made the T-intersection, if we would put sidewalks along Redberry Road and Greenclover Road. Currently there are no sidewalks on either side of those roads.” 

The estimation of those sidewalks comes to approximately $100,000. “If that’s something that you want us to do, we may or may not have that within the approved budget. There may be some things we can do to tighten up some of our design to make it that so we can do that,” said Cooley. 

Cooley said they are working on expanding the scope to include sidewalks. Because it would have impacts on the residents and budget limits, they would “propose to do it on only one side of the road.” This may help to prevent damage to trees, irrigation and driveways of residents.

Weeks approved the motion for the T-intersection for Redberry Road at Lone Peak Parkway that would include the option to add a sidewalk. 

Councilwoman Marsha Vawdrey offered words of support to the residents. “This is going to dramatically impact people’s lives, and I really appreciate the open house we had, and all the people that attended. I think it was good dialogue. I hope that you felt listened to. We certainly try to listen, and I hope that we can also continue to listen as we try to mitigate this, because there will be impacts,” said Vawdrey.  

Adding similar sentiments, Councilwoman Tasha Lowery said the open house was well-attended. “All the neighbors acted in a really collegial manner and it was a great discussion,” she said.  

Councilman Mike Green said that if there are additional needs for the project that he can be called upon to try to figure out possible solutions, ideas and resources. “We want to do the most we can to make sure the residents don’t feel the full brunt of the impact,” said Green.