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Olympus cornerback Brach Davis overcomes injury to become newest BYU recruit

Jul 25, 2017 12:16PM ● By Jesse Sindelar

Brach is a star cornerback for Olympus, recovering from a recent ACL tear to become BYU’s newest recruit. (Brach Davis/Holladay)

By Jesse Sindelar | [email protected]

Brach Davis has always loved football. From his elementary school years in Las Vegas to playing cornerback for Olympus, Davis has always had the passion.

“When I lived in Vegas, a bunch of my friends played football. We played during recess, and because of that, I wanted to play on an actual team, I wanted to try out. So, my mom signed me up, and here we are,” Davis said.

The newest recruit for BYU football has always put in a lot of hard work throughout his sporting life to be the highly sought recruit he is today.

“It took a lot of work, but my speed helped. I was always fast, so that always helped,” Davis added.

Davis had a bright athletic future ahead of him. Unsurprisingly, he is a multi-sport athlete, and participates with the track team in the offseason from football.

But a year and a half ago, disaster struck. Davis tore his ACL and LCL at a track meet.

“I was doing the long jump. The first jump I attempted, I landed towards the end of the pit. So, for the second, they moved me back on the start. But since I was moved, my steps were all wrong. Before I jumped, I was thinking, ‘This isn’t right.’ I landed bad, and I hyperextended my knee, and tore my ACL and LCL,” Davis said.

For many athletes, their sporting prowess is never fully explored due to injury, and for Davis, that looked like it could be a real possibility.

“It was really hard. I had been talking to a lot of coaches about football. I missed my whole junior season,” he said.

But, Davis was not about to let his athletic career end.

“I just tried to stay positive. I worked really hard on physical therapy to get back to the level I was at,” Davis said.

Davis is now in the latter stages of recovery, and is still working with the track team now that it is the football offseason.

At a recent track practice, BYU coaches were in attendance to watch the football team’s spring training, which is where he caught their eye.

“I was at practice, and the BYU coaches were there for (football) spring training. They watched me, and watched me sprinting. I talked with some of the coaches after and they offered me a spot,” Davis said.

Davis was more than appreciative of BYU and what they had done.

“(BYU) still had faith in me. They believed they could make a good athlete out of me. I felt so blessed that they took a chance on me, even after my injury,” he said.

After a lifeline like that, Davis now has his mind on one thing: his upcoming senior year of football for Olympus.

“I want to ball out. I want to show all those colleges that were hesitant about me, on what they missed out on,” Davis said.

After suffering a possible career-ending injury, Davis fought back and got himself right back to where he wanted to be. With a fighting spirit and a tuned athletic gift, Davis seems to be set for the future, whatever challenges the future might have in store for him.