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Lots of new sidewalks, curb cuts going into Taylorsville this summer

Jun 23, 2017 09:22AM ● By Carl Fauver

New sidewalks and curb cuts are going into the area around 1300 West 6235 South. (Carl Fauver)

By Carl Fauver |  [email protected]

The curb appeals of several southeastern Taylorsville homes are getting an upgrade this summer, courtesy of city leaders.

“This is one of the biggest capital improvement projects we’ve undertaken in years,” said Public Works Inspector Lyle Hansen. “There aren’t many streets like these left in the city, with major sections that have no sidewalks. This will give the area a completely new look.”

Hansen is the city’s only “in-house” public works employee. He said all Taylorsville capital improvements go out to bid, including the position of city engineer, now held by Shay Smith, a division manager for Forsgren Associates, Inc.

“I have been Taylorsville City engineer for about 18 months,” Smith said. “Our firm has had the city’s engineering contract for longer than that, but I hold the title for now.”

Smith agrees that the curb and sidewalk project now underway on 1300 West and 6235 South is among the biggest Taylorsville has undertaken in some time.

“Jordan Valley Construction won the project bid, at just under $900,000,” Smith added. “Several major new sections of sidewalk are being put in, where they have never been before.”

New sidewalk is being installed on the east side of 1300 West, from 6235 South to about 6600 South. The street connecting 1300 West to Redwood Road (1700 West) is at 6235 South for three blocks, but then jogs to connect with Redwood at 6200 South.

“They are putting in sidewalks on both the north and south sides of that road,” Smith said. “Most of it is brand-new.”

In addition to that work, crews are also making improvements at Vista and Cabana parks. About $250,000 in new playground equipment has been installed at Vista Park (2000 West 5100 South).

At the site of the old Cabana Club swimming pool (1566 West Conifer Way, about 4600 South) crews are transforming the traditional summer gathering spot into a half-acre park with playground equipment, barbecues, walking trails and a pavilion.

“Last year, we demolished the (Cabana Club) building and pool, while also removing several dying trees,” City Community Development Director Mark McGrath said. “This creation of a new neighborhood park is something the residents suggested.”

To help with work at the Cabana Club site, city officials applied for and won a $14,000 grant from the Jordan Valley Water Conservancy District because of the effort undertaken to reduce water consumption at the site.

City leaders are also making improvements to help prevent flooding to homes near the Jordan River, around 4200 South.

“Crews are installing back-water check valves in some spots near Riverboat Drive,” Smith said. “These will help prevent flooding to homes, when the Joran River level rises.”

Smith said check valves are installed on storm drain lines that lead into the Jordan River. The valves allow water to continue running freely into the river. But if the river rises—pushing water back up the pipes—the valves block it from pushing back completely to the drains.

“I’m impressed with how dedicated (Taylorsville City) is to public works improvements,” Smith added. “This year, the 1300 West sidewalk project is a big one. And I know, for next year they are working to budget enough money to complete fencing projects along 3200 West.

“It’s easy to tell Taylorsville City ranks capital improvements high in its priorities. They are good to work with and residents should be pleased with their efforts.”

City officials have also emphasized improved lighting, by replacing broken or dim street lamp bulbs in many locations. Mayor Larry Johnson and city council members have repeatedly said that effort is in keeping with their public safety first philosophy.

Most of the work on the city’s improvement projects is expected to be completed before the weather turns this fall. At the new Cabana Park, plans are underway to host a ribbon-cutting ceremony when the work is completed.