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Fine Arts Show features talent from across community

May 02, 2017 05:02PM ● By Kelly Cannon

The Fine Arts Show brought in nearly 300 pieces from 162 artists. (Holladay Arts Council)

By Kelly Cannon | [email protected]
Over 600 people turned out for the Holladay Arts Council Fine Arts Show on March 24 and 25. Held at Holladay City Hall, the show included 287 pieces from 162 artists.
According to Chris Knaphus, the chair of the show from the Holladay Arts Council, the Fine Arts Show has been going on for the past 12 years in different formats. Originally, it was held outside on the lawn of city hall. It was moved inside city hall about six years ago and has been there ever since.
Knaphus said the purpose of the Fine Arts Show is to promote art in the community and show some of the talent that exists in Holladay and the surrounding area.
“Just to create kind of a activity to draw people to experience some of that,” Knaphus said.
Generally, the Holladay Arts Council reaches out to artists in the Salt Lake Valley to submit work, but the majority of the entrees are from the Holladay/Cottonwood Heights area.
“But this year, we had the largest outreach and number of entries. I had reached out to the University of Utah Art School. I reached out to Olympus High, Cottonwood High and Skyline High to get some of their students, and we had some very impressive student art,” Knaphus said. “Then we had a pretty significant amount of artists within probably a two- to three-mile radius of Holladay City’s offices and probably 20 percent outside of that.”
The show was a juried show with over $2,000 in cash prizes. Members of the judging panel included Sean Rossiter from the online art magazine “15 Bytes,” a former director of the LDS Church Museum, representatives from the Salt Lake County Art Department and the Utah Watercolor Society.
“We had judges that focus primarily focus on watercolor. We had one judge who focused just on photography and some that overlapped on oils, youths, etc.,” Knaphus said. “In total, we had eight judges and we selected first, second and third prize in most all of the categories and then some honorable mentions. Then, during the show we took a survey of the attendees and then awarded the People’s Choice Award.”
Knaphus said he hoped the show gave artists of all abilities the opportunity to share their talent.
“We allowed them to identify which pieces were for sale so they could sell their work if they wanted. For student or emerging artist, an opportunity to express their talents,” Knaphus said. “For many of them, it was their first opportunity to have a public showing of what they did, what they have done.”
The following is the list of winners from the 2017 Holladay Fine Arts Show:
            1St Prize –  Christopher Woodward – “Ibis”
            2nd Prize – Susannah Mecham – “Man in Charcoal”
            3rd Prize – Eliza Anderson – “Three Kings”
Honorable Mention — Claire Jenkins – “hHartbeats”
            Honorable Mention – Lucy Petctol – “Mona Lisa”
            1St Prize – Jeffery Pugh – “Highway 89”
            2nd Prize – Dawna Barton – “Moored Boats”
            3rd Prize – Rob Adamson – “Salt Lake City Overlook”
            Honorable Mention – Lorraine Robinson – “John Lennon”
Pastel/Colored Pencil/Graphite:
            1St Prize – Chris Cook – “The Punch Bowl”
            2nd Prize – Astrid Campbell – “Delicate Green”
            3rd Prize – Joan Rollins – “Elizabeth”
1St Prize – John Fackrell – “Gnarly Pumpkins”
            2nd Prize – Diane Dean – “Putting up Lights”
            3rd Prize – Charles Bagley – “VW Bug”
            Honorable Mention – Mary Pusey – “Zions Cliffs”
1St Prize – Eileen Vestal – “Monument Valley”
            2nd Prize – Stacey Bowen – “Circle Mosaic”
            3rd Prize – Patricia Newhouse – “Apple”
            Honorable Mention – Tifffini Brazell – “Sanji”
Mixed Media:
            1St Prize – Vincent Mattina – “Delta Waves”
            2nd Prize – Chauncey Secrist – “Over the Horizon”
            3rd Prize – Kate Benson – “Colored Bathing” (elephant)
            1St Prize – Bruce Christson – “Marsh Bird”
            2nd Prize – Adriana Serdan Vazquez– “Relelette 2”(pinwheel 2)
            3rd Prize – Abilgal Arbagas – “Altair”
1St Prize – Tim Boschert – “Homestead – Randolph, UT”
            2nd Prize – Lauren Soffe – “Boysen Street”
            3rd Prize – Randy Laub – “Germany Train Station”
            Honorable Mention – Vlad Turchenko – “Belfast”
People’s Choice Award:
            Marianne Velis Goodell – “Turning Point”
To learn more about the Holladay Arts Council, visit