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Rezone near future CenterCal development passed unanimously

Mar 28, 2017 03:25PM ● By Tiffany Webb

Exhibit B from the slide show presented at the city council meeting on Feb. 21, a proposed layout of the property at 4245 W.. 12600 S.outh. (Riverton City)

By Tiffany Webb | [email protected] 

A 36-acre area at 4245 W. 12600 South may be lined with townhomes, cottage-style homes and senior housing in the future.

After many meetings with the planning commission and developers, the Riverton City Council passed a rezone on a 36-acre of property from planned commercial to RM-14-SD/EHOV at the Feb. 21 meeting. This new zoning means one section may have townhomes up to 14 units per square acre; another section can have cottage-style housing up to eight units per square acre; the last area can have elderly housing.

“All that I have spoke to are in favor of this, for this use.” Doug Young, the applicant for this rezone said of the residents around the property being rezoned.

According to Jason Lethbridge, Riverton City community development director, the applicant can choose to do more cottage-style houses on this property, should he make that decision. However, Young cannot choose to encroach on the area designated for the cottage-style homes to put in more townhomes—that would require another rezone to be approved by the council.

“As we continue our market study, we would prefer to have more cottage-style homes than anything, so we are keeping an open mind,” Young said. “We want to have price points in here for three different groups of residents in the community. It makes for a healthy environment.”

Having this area zoned for planned commercial use for so long has allowed a certain preservation of the land. According to Young, this is not typical for cities.

“I see it over and over in many cities that they don’t preserve a chunk of ground like this for something that is spectacular, and you have certainly set the table for that,” Young said.

The new zoning of this property would also allow a seamless transition into the back of the new CenterCal mixed-use project that will help the city reach build out. This would allow easy access to the amenities and transit stations that CenterCal will offer.

In addition to this proposed rezone, Young’s application included an increase of stone or brick from 25 percent to 35 percent.

Young also said he would like to incorporate a trail system connection from his development to the retail section of the CenterCal project.

“Thank you for your support,” Young said to the council after the application for the rezone passed unanimously. “This is just the beginning of this area. We are excited about it, and you won’t be disappointed.”

An HOA is proposed for the future homeowners of the 36-acre land stretch.