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Artist of the Month: Birgitta Sayer

Mar 27, 2017 12:14PM ● By Kelly Cannon

Birgitta Sayer with one of her paintings. Sayer was nominated as the Holladay Arts Council Artist of the Month. (Lisa O’Bryan/Holladay Arts Council)

By Kelly Cannon | [email protected]
Birgitta Sayer has been creating art for the last 50 years, working in creative art, music, photography, painting and drawing. But in the summer of 2011, she went back to her native Sweden for a visit. She and her three sisters visited the island of Öland. There, she learned about Vedic art, something that has become a passion for her.
“We were there for six days to paint together with a lot of other new beginners and artists. We were in old barns that had been made into art studios,” Sayer said. “I do Vedic art. This is what we all did on this island. The instructors don’t tell you how to paint, they only give classes about what Vedic art is all about. Acrylic paint is what is used for this kind of art.”
Developed by Curt Kallman in the 1980s, Vedic art is an intuitive painting method based on the 17 principles of an ancient Indian teaching known as the Vedas. The process works through connecting with the creative process and letting the inner artist come out.
Sayer said she is inspired by being out in nature or seeing another artists’ creativity. She enjoys Vedic art because it’s very relaxing since it doesn’t have to be perfect.
“I mix colors, wipe off, add to it again and so on and then suddenly something shows up on the canvas, maybe like a bird I see or a flower, a face, and so on,” Sayer said. “Anybody can do Vedic art. I enjoy it.”
Sayer has lived in Holladay for the past 30 years. She is currently retired and spends her time painting, composing music and doing photography.
Lisa O’Bryan with the Holladay City Art Council described Sayer as a brilliant woman with artist talents that range from photography to crochet.
“Using stones, nuts, leaves and other natural materials she creates one-of-a-kind art from everything she touches,” O’Bryan said. “Music is also her passion writing lyrics, composing and playing the piano, singing her songs in her angelic voice.”
When talking with O’Bryan, Sayer said, “Art is a feeling everyone has inside of them; if you have feeling, you are capable of doing art.”
Sayer said people should not be afraid to share their paintings so others might enjoy them as well.
“I have noticed the result of my efforts when I have done this with my art, my music and photography,” Sayer said. “It is very satisfying.”
The Holladay Arts Council is always looking for more local artists to be recognized as the Artist of the Month. Residents are encouraged to nominate a local artist by filling out a nomination form at or by contacting O’Bryan at [email protected]