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Creating a work of art in four hours

Mar 27, 2017 11:25AM ● By Rubina Halwani

An artist reflects life through art. (GSD website)

By: Rubina Halwani | [email protected]
Art students from throughout the Granite School District (GSD) created works of art in under four hours. The annual Art Night Olympics Competition took place from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. on Jan. 30 at Olympus High. Nearly 70 young artists (painters, sculptors and sketchers) participated in the timed competition. 
Artists participated from across eight high schools in the district. Each student was allowed to select the medium. In a span of four hours, students were instructed to “transform blank canvases and clumps of clay into works of art in the space of an afternoon,” said Ben Horsley, communications director for the district.
“The time crunch means students will have to be thorough and quick in order to catch the attention of the judges — local artists and Granite art teachers,” said Steven Powell, publications specialist for GSD.
The GSD website issued a press release, stating, “We have outstanding artists such as Al Rounds, who come and mentor the student artists.”
Al Rounds is a Utah-native artist. He mostly paints landscapes in watercolor. His gallery is located in downtown Salt Lake City inside the World Trade Center in City Creek.
Winners of the contest received cash awards. For additional photos, please visit the GSD news page online at
The winners from Art Night:
Best in Show (3D) – Alexa Chandler, Taylorsville High School
Best in Show (2D) – Rachael Bos, Skyline High School
Concept Art
1st – Emily Mortensen, Olympus High School
2nd – Jasmine Rhodes, Cyprus High School
3rd – Loreali Black, Cyprus High School
Drawing (black and white)
1st – Emanuel Ortiz, Kearns High School
2nd – Connor Crandal, Olympus High School
3rd – Cheyenne Key, Hunter High School
Drawing (color)
1st – Allison Sink, Olympus High School
2nd – Anthony Do, Taylorsville High School
3rd – Emily Neidman, Hunter High School
Hand-Built Work
1st – Nicholas Roach, Kearns High School
2nd – Raiene Mitchell, Kearns High School
3rd – Sami Hills, Granger High School
Mixed Media
1st – Malithi Gunawardena, Olympus High School
2nd – Kurt Bell, Granger High School
3rd – Kamryn Blackburn, Cottonwood High School
Opaque Painting
1st – Christina Espinoza, Cottonwood High School
2nd – Brynleigh Rosier, Granger High School
3rd – Madi Grahm, Olympus High School
1st – Vanessa Holt, Cyprus High School
2nd – Nelson Lotz, Granger High School
3rd – Julia Gaia, Olympus High School
1st – Monique Chacon, Kearns High School
2nd – Jesus Urdaneta, Granger High School
3rd – Taylor Rauch, Hunter High School
1st – Lilly Aiono, Kearns High School
2nd – Rowan Monson, Cyprus High School
3rd – Kassidy Burnside, Taylorsville High School
Wheel Thrown Ceramics
1st – Zach Flitton, Cyprus High School
2nd – Emily Hall, Olympus High School
3rd – Jonathan Sanchez, Granger High School
Working from Life
1st – Susannah Mecham, Skyline High School
2nd – Elizabeth Vanderniet, Skyline High School
3rd – Nawres Al Saud, Granger High School