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A cycle of service

Mar 27, 2017 10:41AM ● By Cassie Goff

In 2016, Kathie and Jim Hawkins Day was proclaimed. This year, they have coordinated a service opportunity to celebrate their recognition from the city. (Dan Metcalf/Cottonwood Heights)

By Cassie Goff  | [email protected]

In the spring of 2016, the city of Cottonwood Heights proclaimed that April 12 would be Kathie and Jim Hawkins Day in the city. This dedication came as recognition for the service the couple has continued to provide for many years within the city as well as at local shelters. Kathie and Jim Hawkins will take advantage of their proclaimed day this year by providing a service opportunity for their community.

Last year, some of the Hawkins’ neighbors suggested to the city that the couple should be recognized for the good they do within the community. The Cottonwood Heights City Council agreed and took the appropriate steps to make sure a day could be proclaimed and the couple could be recognized.

“Occasionally a resident stands out,” Mayor Kelvyn Cullimore said on April 12 as he read the proclamation. It stated that Kathie and Jim Hawkins were to be recognized for their outstanding service within the community and their contributions to the city.

Jim and his family moved to Cottonwood Heights in the 1970s. Kathie moved to the city when her father retired from his U.S. Navy career in 1977. Both Jim and Kathie have lived within the city ever since.

“They enrich lives by providing selfless service,” Cullimore said, which includes hours gathering food, clothing and other donations for local shelters. “They have donated countless hours volunteering and providing for their neighbors and other residents of Cottonwood Heights.”

Kathie witnessed community service throughout her childhood with her family’s involvement.

“My mother was awarded the honor of Military Wife of the Year in 1973. I grew up seeing her and the other Navy wives serving each other while their husbands were stationed overseas, and also serving other countries through the Naval Relief Society. I guess you could say the apple didn’t fall far from the tree,” Kathie said. “It will be 15 years since she passed away in March and I just want to make her and my also late father proud to carry on their legacy of serving others.”

One year later, Kathie and Jim continue to make a difference in many lives. With the continued recognition of Kathie and Jim Hawkins Day, the couple has decided to organize a service opportunity for Cottonwood Heights’ residents.   

“My husband and I were honored last year for good deeds done for our community. At the time, we had no idea they were giving us a proclamation stating that April 12 would forever be Kathie and Jim Hawkins Day,” Kathie said. “Well, by golly, we are taking advantage of this and organizing a food drive for the Utah Food Bank. A light-bulb moment hit when we realized we really could make a difference by taking advantage of this honor and serving the community.”

“We decided on a food drive because we felt it was a great way to serve a lot of people through a simple act of community service,” Kathie said. “We live in such a wonderful community … and I know a lot of us feel like we can help.”

Kathie has registered with the Utah Food Bank for this local food drive. Donation barrels will be dropped off at the Butler West Wardhouse, located west of the four-way stop.

“We are asking for people to come by and drop off donations and help fill the barrels. The following day, the Utah Food Bank will pick up the food,” said Kathie.

Any resident is welcome to attend and drop off items. Specific items have been requested by the Utah Food Bank, such as peanut butter, canned fruit, canned stews, boxed meals, macaroni and cheese and additional pasta.

“We hope Cottonwood Heights residents will join us,” says Jim.

The food drive will be held at 6 p.m. on Wednesday, April 12 at the Butler West Wardhouse Building, located at 1355 E. 7200 S.