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Psychic fair provides insight into new year

Feb 03, 2017 11:32AM ● By Orlando Rodriguez

By Orlando Rodriguez  |  [email protected]


Crone’s Hollow, a pagan supply store located on 3834 S. Main St, held the first of its triannual psychic fairs. It was a chance for professional readers of essential divinations to offer their mystic craft to those seeking answers about what possible and positive life changes or challenges await in the new year.


“This time of year is what we call the dark time, where the days are short,” said TaMara Gold, crystal ball seer. “During this time people are introspective, which sets up planning, and we give them an idea of what’s coming up.”


At the event, guests were granted a token for a 10-minute session with a reader of their choice. The readers possessed specific abilities with certain tools, such as lenormand cards and oracle cards. Not only that, but some pet readers were available. Gold used her crystal ball and fire scrying abilities to tell people’s fortunes. She explained that fire holds transformative faculties.


“When I look into the crystal ball, the image is like a snapshot, fire helps that image become more clear,” said Gold.


She understands that during this time, people want to know about things such as money, love or knowledge. And, this perception attains to Crone’s Hollow’s philosophy of being “more than just a store,’’ as she explained. The store possesses a charm of its own with tomes, figurines, goblets and candles keeping the interest of patrons after their reading was finished.


Since its inception in March 2011, Crone’s Hollow has held this event and many others that are available to those practicing and those interested in the pagan craft. The space is owned by four practicing witches, some acting as leaders of local covens. Their mission statement is to provide a safe space for those seeking pagan paths in Utah.


“You don’t have to be seeking a path of pagan craft,” said Gold. “We are here to help you understand. We are your friends.”


The store offers classes for both the new and the experienced. It also serves as a haven for those practicing other esoteric mysticisms, such as the gnostic and Rosicrucian orders. Introductory courses of the history of witchcraft are available, as well as an introduction to pagan rituals, such as seances and full moon rituals, and the basics of certain forms of divination.


Their “cryptic coffee” events every Friday night serves as a networking events where those new to the craft can meet other witches, wiccans and pagans from local covens and organizations. Crone’s Hollow hosts these events to create friendships amongst people new and old to the pagan craft.


The next psychic fair will take place in July. More information about this and other events can be found at