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South Salt Lake promises more holiday fun

Dec 02, 2016 01:24PM ● By Orlando Rodriguez

A Day of The Dead themed shrine with Mexican painter Frida Kahlo at its center. (Orlando Rodriguez)

By Orlando Rodriguez | [email protected]

October’s “Palloween” celebration was only one of the many activities the Promise South Salt Lake program had in store for locals. In coalition with the 14 after-school programs, such as the PAL (Police Athletic League), they continue to uphold their mission of creating a healthy and educated community. Events such as Palloween—the term a play off of Halloween and PAL—attempt to create a haven for families to enjoy the holidays in a safe environment.

Palloween was organizer’s Edward Lopez brainchild, and he upholds a certain philosophy when it comes to community involvement. 

“I believe the community is our greatest resource, that’s kind of my catchphrase.” 

Lopez, who started his tenure with Promise South Salt Lake three years ago, is always part of every event that is sponsored by the program. 

“Before Palloween, we hosted Healthy Halloween, where we offered free flu shots and even clothing donations,” he said. And, in early November, he and other volunteers were also responsible for their annual chess tournament at the Columbus Center, which enjoyed a substantial turnout.

The Palloween event was in collaboration with the PAL boxing program, that offers an extracurricular outlet for youth to find mentoring and encourage them to make good decisions for themselves and the community.  The Day Of The Dead themed gathering featured raffles, face painting, cookie decorating and also clothing donations.

These events offer a lending hand to low-income families in the area so that they also may enjoy the holidays. Not only that, but the program’s mission motivates residents to uphold a healthy lifestyle, both inside and out. 

For upcoming holidays, Promise South Salt Lake has many events planned. They are hoping for a significant turnout to their Breakfast with Santa event on December 6. And, the program still stands by its promise to create the best community environment possible and help develop young people into healthy, prosperous individuals.