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Difficult to say, easy to do: Musculoskeletal relief

Oct 27, 2016 04:26PM ● By Bradyn Orton

Class instructor, Laura Luker. (Holladay Lions Rec Center)

By Bradyn Orton | [email protected]


For those with bones that shake and joints that ache, relief may be just down the street. The Holladay Lions Recreation Center is offering a musculoskeletal relief program, and though it may be difficult to say, the relief is easy. Some attendees claim relief after just one class. 

“Every bone spurt, every pain in the joints, is because things start going out of alignment,” said Laura Luker, the certified instructor for the class.  

Musculoskeletal relief applies the concept of aligning the body though certain exercises that adjust your joints into a more natural position.

The program consists of free-motion exercises, which means weights are not used, with the exception of a couple classes. The exercises consist of lying in precise positions to allow gravity to play a natural part and realign the bones and joints.

Reasons to seek relief differ for everyone, but the major three are to decrease the painful sensation in the joints, to improve posture and body alignment and improve joint health.  

Class begins with the basis that each joint is interdependent and that all joints must be in alignment for the body to function correctly. Accordingly, the classes assist in identifying joints that are misplaced and adjust them.

“The most successful joint we work on, the one that works the best for most people, would have to be the low back. I have had people come in with low back pain and soon realize, that after the ankle and feet class, their low back pain has been resolved,” Luker said.  

Classes begin at the end of the body with the feet and move up through major areas like legs and back, eventually ending on the neck and shoulder regions. Each class covers a unique pain condition and discusses what is happening when your body is in pain and the best actions to take to ease the pain.  

This isn’t just a class for Grandma and Grandpa. This class is for all ages. Since joint pain affects everyone differently, participants in the class vary in all ages and fitness ability. 

Since joint pain happens so slowly, most people don’t understand that their body is naturally falling out of alignment due to demanding lifestyle choices or certain genetic conditions.

“Though it may be an easy class to participate in, it still requires some physical strength,” Luker said.

Exercises in this class rely on the body’s ability to stretch and maintain a position for an extended period of time.

The class schedule consists of eight sessions throughout September and October into early November. Classes are Saturday mornings from 10:45-11:45 a.m. with some exceptions.

Luker is certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine and has been involved in the fitness industry since 1996. She is also a qualified group and personal fitness instructor, as well as being AAAAI older adult certified. Luker has personally led the musculoskeletal class for just over three years now and maintains her passion for helping others feel as good as she knows they can.

Registration is easy. Just go into Holladay Lions Recreation Center, or register on their website at

“This is such a really great class; it can really help relieve pain if people are diligent and actually do the exercises outside of the class.” Luker said.     λ