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Biggest Loser Program Gets Residents Fit

Oct 27, 2016 02:49PM ● By Kelly Cannon

By Kelly Cannon | [email protected]

Cottonwood Heights

Residents of Cottonwood Heights are getting fit and healthy thanks to the Biggest Loser program offered by the Cottonwood Heights Recreation Center. The annual program has been at the rec center for the past four years and originated from the NBC show of the same name where competitors work with personal trainers and dieticians to help them lose weight. 

According to Andrew Davis, recreation program coordinator for the Cottonwood Heights Recreation Center, the Cottonwood Heights Biggest Loser is focused on not just weight loss, but also getting residents back on track to a healthier life. 

“We did three sessions this year which gives the participants a great chance to change how they eat and get them back to healthy living,” Davis said. “We split the participants into two teams and have two trainers that do an amazing job and have been in the business of fitness instructors or trainers for years.”

The program is eight weeks long. Participants do an initial weigh-in at the beginning of the program, another weigh-in mid-camp and a final weigh-in when the program is over. The current session started on Sept. 21 and will conclude Nov. 16. The next session will start after New Year’s Day. There are currently 40 participants enrolled in the program.

The participants have personal trainers available as a resource to help with workout regiments, as well as fitness classes. 

“The personal trainers doing the camp are at the participants’ disposal if they have questions. They receive one private consult a week in addition to the ultimate membership, which, again, is full access to all classes and areas of the facility,” Davis said. “Along with the classes, we have competitions between the two teams every other Saturday.”

There are several benefits to enrolling in the Biggest Loser program.

“When they sign up for Biggest Loser, they receive an ‘Ultimate’ membership for those eight weeks,” Davis said. “The Ultimate membership means that you can participate in just about everything at Cottonwood Heights Recreation Center. It allows you into any fitness classes, weight room, cardio room, pool and ice arena public hours.”

Davis said the rec center has seen a lot of success with people who have stuck with the program. 

“There have been some major transformations with weight loss and we continue to see people every day working out, and you know all they needed was that little bit of a push to get going,” Davis said. 

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