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Heartfelt Wall Hangings

Oct 27, 2016 02:14PM ● By Bryan Scott

Heartfelt Wall Hangings celebrates its 10-year anniversary and will celebrate by running events all month. The events will be advertised on their Facebook page. 

 “Back in 2006, I would have never imagined we would be here with our business,” Owner Heidi Salazar said.

  After starting out in the Salazar home, the business has grown to a craft store and boutique. Custom vinyl cutting and decorations are their bread-and-butter products.

 As her business grew, Salazar had the idea to hold crafting classes for her customers.

 “I knew women needed a place to go and get away for a couple of hours from the craziness of everyday life and laugh and giggle with other women,” Salazar said.

 Initially, she was worried about getting customers to come to her garage for a class, even for a free painting and crafting class. Happily, she had no problems and the project eventually grew into a monthly staple for the business.

 “I call it paint therapy,” she said. “There is something about painting and talking that can wash away the worries of the world.”

 In 2011, Salazar moved the business from her home to 1538 W. 7800 South in West Jordan. Heartfelt Wall Hangings now has classes on Tuesday and Thursday evenings and three class sessions on Saturdays where participants can use business paints and supplies. Classes are $5 and include space at the free monthly project.

On Friday evenings, Heartfelt Wall Hangings holds a “Super Fun Girls Night Out.” The event cost $25 and includes dinner from Cafe Zupas, $20 store credit for crafting supplies and space at the free monthly class.

“It has been a fun and crazy journey. There are days that I wonder why I do it and then other days are so rewarding,” Salazar said. “I always tell customers my paycheck is listening to the laughter during classes.”

 But her business is more than just classes. It is a place that serves the artistic needs of both the crafty and the craft challenged. 

“The unique thing about us is you can come in and shop the boutique-style finished items or you can shop for the do-it- yourself crafts,” she said. Crafting, she likes to joke, can become addictive. 

  In November, Salazar will be fielding nominations for their annual charity effort, Heartfelt Hopes. Every year, customers nominate families in the community that are struggling. Then Heartfelt Hangings sets up a tree with decorations that details things that the family needs with the hope that customers will donate to help the family.

 “We want to help people who are doing everything they can to help themselves,” she said. “We want to give a hand up, not a hand out.”

 Please stop by and choose a heart to help a family. Sign up for a class or a Girl’s Night Out at