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A Note to My Fellow Citizens

Oct 07, 2016 02:43PM ● By Bryan Scott

By Vincent D. Julian

A note to my fellow citizens:

This note is to remind the residents of South Salt Lake of their right and duty to tell our city council what we want. I write to you as a concerned citizen. Please understand I have worked hard for what I have and what my taxes are paying for. And I am not in favor of bragging, but, as an ex-Army pilot with three honorable discharges, a small businessman located in SSLC since 1985, and inventor with patents, I believe I’ve earned the right to voice my opinions. 

Our city council with their elected wisdom seem to see fit that by outsourcing our public services our city can save money. I will respond with this statement, our taxes have already paid for our services, fire, police, and animal control. We already have the equipment, trained people, and they come with a great reputation and are part of our city. What I know will happen if our leaders farm out our services is the following:  we will be at the mercy of unified resources that will not place our city as its number one job. Response times will grow worse, quality service will not be their priority, and worst of all, our elected leaders will discover they should not have outsourced our services and to correct the issue they will have to reinstate the police, fire, and animal control. Why is this the worst? Because it will cost us taxpayers more money in buildings, equipment, and training people who aren’t local. If you think about it, more bad than good can ever come from outsourcing. 

Now, our city has more debt than it should. We have two large properties that need to be out of the city’s control, and you as citizens know that Granite High and property between Main and State south of 2100 South are not being used properly. We elect our leaders to do what is best for our South Salt Lake, it is my opinion that government should never run property or own it. Why give tax credits for this type of development, when a local business that works everyday and struggles to get by and gets none. 

In summary, we the people, we American citizens, should be held in first place with our elected leaders. But they should have to follow what we want of them, end of story!

Vincent D. Julian

Small businessman and inventor