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Aug 08, 2016 03:51PM ● By Kelly Cannon

Draper Mayor Troy Walker joins’s Clay Singley, director of member services, and Doug DeAngelo, vice president of member services, on July 22 to cut the ribbon on their new customer service center. —Jason Sparks

Draper, Utah - officially opened its new customer service center during a special ribbon cutting ceremony on July 22. Located at 12884 Front Runner Blvd., the call center currently has around 450 employees but the company projects to have over a thousand by 2017. is an e-commerce website similar to Customers can shop for a variety of items at competitive prices. Customers can also save money in a variety of ways including purchasing items that come from the same warehouse, opting out of free returns and making purchases with a debit card. The customer service center will primarily handle customer complaints or assist customers in their shopping experience.
According to Clay Singley, director of member services, the company was originally set up in the Cottonwood Heights area. However, the original projections needed to be adjusted because of the growth of the company.
“It’s been so tremendous over the last year that we knew we needed to house a thousand-plus employees. We took a look around at the different areas and I knew, number one, Draper was pretty much center between Davis County and down into Utah County as well,” Singley said.  “But also, with the ease of getting here and being able to work with the city, we were able to put in a great facility in Draper and right on the Front Runner track so we can pull clear from up north and down south but also really easy from I-15 and Bangerter (Highway).”
The call center is the first and only customer service center for Doug DeAngelo, vice president of member services, explained the employees at the center are the front line for customer service and handle general questions about the company and the shopping experience or handling any problems they may be having.
“We also do things for them like fraud prevention. We do some of our front-line support of our merchants who sell on Jet,” DeAngelo said. “We do some of the cleanup tasks, so if there’s not a very good description or confusing titles, we’ll do some of that cleanup work. It’s a wide range of things that help contribute to our customer service.”
The new customer service center was built for the team that would be working there. Singley said the building was designed so employees would feel truly at home. Features include relaxations rooms on each floor with different themes such as an island or a Zen garden. These rooms are shut away from the call floor and allow the employees to get away from the stress and relax. The center also has health rooms for employees who aren’t feeling well or for new mothers to take care of their babies.
Break rooms are also on each floor with a micro-market for employees to purchase food or to relax with some games.
“Because we don’t have a lot of restaurants where our employees can get to within their break time, we provide an area with not only soft drinks and snacks but they stock sandwiches and salads and other drinks they can purchase,” Singley said. “We also put in a game room that is full of arcade games, including the old-time games, some pinball machines and we have a pool table and ping pong table, as well as an Xbox and a PS4 console.”
According to Singley, the company handles breaks differently than other companies. There are no scheduled breaks but rather employees are allowed to take their breaks when they need to.
“During the break time, they can go in (the break rooms) during their lunch time and before and after,” Singley said. “We actually have people coming in early so they can relax and they stay late, especially those who are riding Front Runner. It only comes so often so they can stay here and be at home until they need to leave.” worked closely with Draper City in order to ensure a smooth process in getting their new location built. Singley said the company met with Mayor Troy Walker and with members of the city council who were phenomenal to work with.
“Everybody has been more than willing to help us get into our space because it can be difficult not only getting the license but also the occupancy and everything. When we started building and we had a head count for each floor, this was something we worked with the city as well to make sure we met code,” Singley said. “But they’ve been more than accommodating. It’s been an amazing group to work with.”
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