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As I See It

Aug 01, 2016 09:51AM ● By Bryan Scott

By Mayor JoAnn B. Seghini

Midvale, Utah - Many of our health problems can be reduced if we are willing to take a step forward, then another, then another. One of the greatest deterrents to many health issues is exercise, especially walking. You don’t have to hike; rather you just need to walk.  is recipe works for diabetes, heart disease, lung disease, back pain, and any number of joint problems. Just walk! You don’t have to walk fast you just have to walk regularly. Several years ago Midvale designated 1/4-mile trails throughout the city. East Midvale Elementary School has all students walk a Midvale Mile near their school.  They are located throughout the city. A map of all of the Midvale Miles will soon be posted on the Midvale website, Check it out and  nd a “mile” near you.  Other habits you can try to use the stairs when possible. Take a parking place some distance from your shopping destination. If working at a desk or in an o ce, take  ve minutes to stand and to walk down a hall. All walking will help you to insure that you are healthy. Summer is a good time to walk in your neighborhood or around the community. In the winter, many go to walk inside the malls especially in the early morning hours before all of the stores are open. Where you walk and how far you walk is up to you but know that walking is cheaper than getting another prescription.  If you are a senior, there are many opportunities to exercise at the Midvale Senior Citizen Center located on Midvale Main Street just south of city hall.  They have a variety of exercise equipment and have exercise classes throughout the week. All classes and use of the equipment is free to seniors age 60 and above. Sign up and see what  fits your needs. Copperview Community also has exercise equipment and you can buy a pass to use their exercise equipment.  Walk your way to better health. Walk with family, walk your dog, walk with friends. Take time to walk your way to better health.  Thank you all for your neighborhood parties.  is is a wonderful way for your city employees to hear of our successes and our problems. We had a chance to meet with many of you and to share your picnic food.  You can have a neighborhood get-together at any time of the year and city employees are happy to meet with you.  Special thanks to the Midvale Arts Council and their Friday night concerts. I have heard from many of you that this has been a wonderful summer season in the Midvale City Park.  Thank you, too, to the many volunteers who make good things happen in Midvale.