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Children’s Bike Parade Grows in Popularity

Aug 01, 2016 08:21AM ● By Kelly Cannon

Kids line up at the starting line for the Children’s Bike Parade. —Kelly Cannon

By Kelly Cannon | [email protected]

Draper, Utah - Hundreds of kids turned out with their families to participate in this year’s Children’s Bike Parade. Held on July 12, the annual event is part of the Draper Days celebration. Kids brought their bikes, scooters and other forms of transportation to decorate and ride together during the parade.

 The Children’s Bike Parade has been part of Draper Days for several years. As in years past, the Draper City Mayor’s Youth Council volunteered to help with the event.

 “It’s getting bigger every year so they need their help,” said Caroline Sagae, the liaison for the Draper City Mayor’s Youth Council.

 The Bike Parade is just one of several events throughout the year that the Draper City Mayor’s Youth Council help out with including the Easter egg hunt and the Christmas tree lighting party. The program is for teens in grades nine through 12 from the different junior highs and high schools in the area. There are currently 66 members of the Draper City Mayor’s Youth Council.

 The bike parade is specifically geared toward children and their families, allowing for the kids to feel special.

 “It’s a chance to come together to make a stronger community,” Sagae said. “It makes all the kids feel welcome, it brings families together and it creates memories.”

 In years past, the bike parade was held at Draper Park Middle School. However, because of the popularity and growth of the event, this year the parade started at Whisperwood Park right next to Corner Canyon High School. The parade route went half a mile south on 700 East and concluded at Bellevue Park.


“It’s been growing every year,” Sagae said.

 Before the parade started, kids could decorate their bikes at Whisperwood Park with streamers, ribbons and balloons. Kids also had a chance to get their face painted, their hair temporarily colored with spray-on hair dye and meet Miss Draper and Miss Draper Rodeo.

 Once arriving at Bellevue Park, there were hot dogs and drinks, as well as various forms of entertainment including music, clowns and jugglers.

 Sagae said the kids were encouraged to keep the decorations for the Draper Days Parade happening later that week.

 Jordan Page, a resident of Draper for the past five years, brought her three children to the bike parade.

 “We have been coming for the past few years,” Page said. “We heard about it from our neighbors.”

 Page said her children enjoy the face and hair painting, as well as a chance to ride their bikes in the street.

 Sarah Gordon and her family have only lived in Draper for the past year and decided to come to the bike parade after seeing signs advertising the event.

 “It’s a lot of fun. The kids are having a great time,” Gordon said. “It’s nice to get together with the community. My son got a new bike and he’s excited to ride it.”

 The Children’s Bike Parade was one of several event during this year’s Draper Days celebration. The city hosted sports tournaments such as basketball and pickleball and the annual Draper Days Rodeo. There were several activities going on July 15 and 16 at Draper Park, including Splash Dogs, storytelling, pie contest, pony rides, games and rides and BMX demonstrations. Draper Days concluded with a Draper Nights Concert on July 16 featuring the best music of Chicago and Kansas.