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Holladay City Council Honors Randy Fitts

Jul 29, 2016 10:16AM ● By Carol Hendrycks

Holladay City Council Honors Randy Fitts

By Carol Hendrycks

Holladay, Utah - The Holladay City Council Chambers was filled to maximum capacity to address and honor City Manager Randy Fitts, who officially retired June 16. Notable guests included the Holladay City Council and former council member Jim Palmer, Holladay Mayor Rob Dahle, Community Development Director Paul Allred, City Recorder Stephanie Carlson, Former Holladay Mayor Webb, State Senator Jani Iwamoto, UPD for the city of Holladay Chief Don Hutson, Unified Fire Department City of Holladay Chief Marty Slack and crew and of course Randy’s wife Susan, their children, grandchildren and residents of Holladay.

Dahle opened this portion of the Fitts final presentation with the understanding that we all know Fitts doesn’t like personal accolades much but that his dedication and accomplishments for the city of Holladay would not go unnoticed. Dahle also noted that we are honored to live in a city and society that is well governed. He said he owed much of the thanks to Fitts, as he was the first city manager for Holladay and says that Fitts was always willing to step forward to keep the community strong. 

The overwhelming gratitude and love for Fitts was truly inspiring. “We owe a great deal of gratitude to Randy for making Holladay special. He is more than a city manager … he is a trusted friend,” Iwamoto said. Webb mentioned how amazing Fitts was about blending political issues with being practical, and that he allowed the staff to shine and to dream. “We see Randy’s hand in so much around the city in the plaza, streets and pavers, fireworks and many great city events,” Webb said. Palmer said that the city runs like clockwork because of Fitts and he is grateful to have served with him on many projects. Hutson appreciated getting to work with Fitts over the past year, as did Slack and company, and was grateful to him for passing on knowledge and for their friendship. Both chiefs presented Fitts with an appropriate award and plaque. Peterson was delighted to read an official resolution dedicated to Fitts. It recognizes all the city project accomplishments over the past 12 years. She personally spoke to how much she respected his suggestions, ability to negotiate and ability to wear many hats. “Fitts is a gifted man, talented cook, works with a smile and humor and will be greatly missed,” Peterson said. Councilmember Pace said it has been a wonderful journey and expressed his thanks to Fitts, his wife and his family for shouldering the many long hours and late nights he served. Pace presented a crown to Fitts, claiming he is the king of Holladay because he was involved in most projects, being a teacher and mentor to many. Councilmember Pat Pignelli gave a toast to him highlighting his leadership, his counsel and excellent management of the budget, and his grace, humor and respect. Councilmember Mark Stewart said he appreciated Fitts reaching out to him as a new council member and presented Randy with his own street sign. Carlson presented a collage of city history in the form of pieces of projects simply framed in a shadow box. Allred remembered the day he took the job and was delighted to be able to work with Mayor Webb at that time and the city manager. He was treated with respect and says that Fitts was a great collaborator and became a wonderful friend over the years.

 Fitts’s final words were few but heartfelt and bittersweet. He enjoyed his job, and notes he never gave anyone food poisoning as he was known for cooking and treating the council to some fine meals during their working sessions over the years. He recognized everyone in attendance and everyone’s contribution in helping him do his job and in making Holladay a great city to live, play and work in. He said this night felt like Christmas to him with all of the wonderful guests, accolades and gifts he graciously received. He bestowed upon the new city manager, Gina Chamness, rolls of different colored duct tape to represent keeping budget, capital funds, debt services and general funds all together with a hug and smile. Fitts gave his final city report to the council and with a heavy heart departed in style.