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Ice-Skating Lessons Offered During Summer Holiday

Jul 29, 2016 08:32AM ● By Kelly Cannon

By Kelly Cannon | [email protected]

Cottonwood Heights, Utah - The Cottonwood Heights Recreation Center is offering a unique way to beat the heat this summer with ice-skating lessons. The lessons are open to all ages and abilities and go on year round.

The ice rink, located on the bottom floor of the Cottonwood Heights Recreation Center, was built in 1975. The center has been offering skating lessons since then.

“We teach skaters of all ages,” Kathy Valburg, the skating coordinator for the Cottonwood Heights Recreation Center, said. “From age 3 to adults.”

The classes are divided up by skill level. Currently, there are two beginners classes, three intermediate classes and one advanced class. No prior skating ability is necessary to enroll in the classes.

“The first thing we teach is how to fall down and how to stand back up again,” Valburg said. “We teach balance and how to move forward and other skating basics.”

In the advanced classes, the students learn beginner spins and jumps.

“That’s the big draw,” Valburg said. “It’s a lot of review of the skating they already know and then adding turns and jumps.”

The classes themselves are gender neutral and Valburg said the classes have been fairly mixed lately with both boys and girls.

“It’s basic skating skills for both figure skating and hockey,” Valburg said.

Enrollment in the summer months is pretty light since the ice-skating season is generally from September to April.

“During the summer months, we average about 50 skaters each evening we conduct class,” Valburg said.

The main advantage to taking lessons during the summer is since the classes are smaller, each student receives more individualized attention.

 The classes are taught by eight former pro skaters and a group of junior staff.

“They are U.S. figure-skating gold medalists who are learning how to teach,” Valburg said.

Valburg said she hopes the children and adults who enroll in the classes gain a love for ice skating.

“Skating is something you can do your entire life,” Valburg said. “You can do it recreationally with friends and family or you can go further and live out your Olympic dreams.”

Registration fees range from $45 to $80 depending on age, ability and membership with the Cottonwood Heights Recreation Center. For more information about the skating lessons and other lessons offered by the recreation center, visit