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The City Journals

Council Corner

Jul 15, 2016 10:36AM ● By Bryan Scott

For several months the City Council has been pouring over the budget for 2016-2017. We are happy to report that last month we finalized and adopted a fiscally conservative balanced budget with no tax increase. Here are some of the highlights of the budget:

Parks – Each year the council has tried to increase the fund balance in the Parks fund. Most of the money in that fund has come from the sale of a portion of City Center property. With input from community councils and residents the Council approved an appropriation to Vista Park and Cabana Club Park. We look forward to a new playground and upgrades in landscaping, lighting, benches, barbeques, and more at Vista Park. Funds for Cabana Club Park will transform this property from a vacant site to a lovely fenced, landscaped park with a playground and pavilion. It is important to note that this is not new money funding these upgrades, but funds that have been deliberately and carefully set aside over time to improve our city parks. 

Public Safety, Streets and Roads– We have supported the mayor’s request to double our sidewalk repair/replacement fund as well as allocate additional funds for crosswalk upgrades. We also feel we have kept the necessary funds in place to keep our streets and roads in good repair.

Monument signs – last year we completed gateway signs at strategic entry locations to our city.  We are pleased with these signs and look forward to the addition of two smaller signs within the city which will replace aging deteriorating signs. 

These are a few examples of what we have to look forward to as we enter into a new budget year. We are excited knowing that our economy is strong and economic development in Taylorsville is thriving.