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Mayor's Message

Jul 15, 2016 10:33AM ● By Bryan Scott

Father’s Day is June 19th! What a great day to pay tribute to all father’s both young and old and let’s not forget about Grandfathers. This thought by an unknown author about Father’s came home to me. 

Dad’s are special; I was not as fortunate to have my father around most of my life, but I was blessed to have great grandparents to raise me and teach me right from wrong, word hard, respect others, especially my mom. Let’s not forget to give our Dad’s, Grandpa’s, or others that helped and took the place of our dads how much we appreciate and love them. I encourage all of us to be grateful for all those in our lives. 

All of you Dad’s and Grand Dad’s have my full respect. 

Thank you, 

Mayor Johnson