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The City Journals

City of Taylorsville 20th Anniversary

Jun 15, 2016 10:53AM ● By Bryan Scott

Let’s Celebrate our city’s 20th Anniversary! The Taylorsville Historic Preservation Comm. is featuring some of the prominent and outstanding fathers that resided in Taylorsville many years ago. The list is endless, however, the four fathers below had an immeasurable influence both in the business world and community service. 

Edward Steadman was a self taught watch maker and one of Murray’s oldest and respected businessmen who founded Steadman Jewelry in 1904. His shop was located on 4800 South, two blocks west of State Street. He and his wife Louise raised six sons and one daughter in Taylorsville at 1183 West. He had an amazing tenor voice. His slow and steady manner truly stated his personality. He was a jeweler until his death in July of 1957. 

Abraham Barker born March 25, 1898 in Taylorsville, Utah Abe Barker began his lucrative career in the Turkey and Sheep Business. From 1927 to 1954 the turkey industry took a lot of his time. He married Elsie Harker and they had two children. Their home was located at 1298 W. on 4800 So. One of Abe’s first big accomplishments was to become a director of Walker Bank in Murray in 1937. 

In 1956 he was appointed to the Salt Lake County Comission, taking even more of his time. Still, he had time to serve as a member of the original Taylorsville Lions Club and was a Bishop in the Mormon faith for many, many years. 

Karl Schleckman A True UTAH man. Karl was a tackle for the Granite High School Football team back in 1933. “Schlacky” was acknowledged as one of the best linesmen in the state. He was deadly on defense attacks, and proved instrumental in opening holes for the boys in the back field. Karl was selected as all-state tackle on the first team in 1932 and Student Body Court from 1933-34. Following high school, he enrolled at the U of U where he was honored for his many accomplishments in wrestling as well. Karl was an honorable man, remembered by many, forgotten by few for his strength, moral integrity, passion, patience and dedication! 

Joe Parrish, was the Salt Lake County Extension Agent and Taylorsville resident. Joe was in the business of teaching the community about the business of farming, gardening and ranching. Farming and ranching were ‘big business” in the vast area called Taylorsville in the 50s and 60’s. Joe was usually on the spot when it came to his profession. He was expected to present well rounded day-to-day first hand information to our community. He and his wife Vilate were the parents of 5 daughters and one son. They resided in Taylorsville on 4800 South. He was the all around Mr. Good guy and valued education very highly.