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Resident Recognized for Outstanding Community Service

Jun 08, 2016 10:15AM ● By Bryan Scott

By Cassandra Goff   [email protected]

Cottonwood Heights - During the business meeting on April 12 at 7 p.m., the council chamber was unusually full of residents. Many neighbors chatted with each other while settling into their seats. However, when the public comment session was opened, no one approached the podium. Something was awry. 

“Occasionally a resident stands out,” Mayor Kelvyn Cullimore said, moving onto the next item on the agenda. 

He continued on to read a proclamation recognizing Kathy and Jim Hawkins for their outstanding service within the community and contributions to the city. 

The proclamation declared April 12 as “Kathy and Jim Hawkins Day” within Cottonwood Heights.

Encouraged by the council, Kathy walked to the podium to accept the award. Her husband, Jim, followed her closely. 

“Kathy and Jim Hawkins are long-time residents of the city,” Cullimore said. “They enrich lives by providing selfless service.”

“The couple has spent hours gathering food, clothing and other donations for individuals who reside in shelters as well as visiting those local shelters,” Public Information Specialist Dan Metcalf said. 

“They have donated countless hours volunteering and providing for their neighbors as well as other the residents of Cottonwood Heights,” Cullimore added. “There is nobody more deserving.” 

“You were brought to our attention from your neighbors,” Cullimore said as he gestured around the room.

Councilmember Mike Shelton added, “Based on the kind things said by the Hawkins’ neighbors, the comment was made that it was evident how much one person can do in a community to make a difference.”

“You are the heart of our neighborhood,” a neighbor said to her. 

Cullimore asked Kathy to say a few words.

“I didn’t do these things to be recognized,” she said. “We like to make differences to lives of people we do and don’t know.”

“I wish my mom and dad were here.” She turned to her husband as her eyes teared up. “That’s where it all started — my acts of service began with what I learned from my parents.” Jim nodded in agreement.

Kathy looked back to her audience of the familiar faces of her neighbors and her expression changed. “I’m going to have a word with every single one of you,” she teased. 

Comments were made from her neighbors about her outstanding cakes she bakes at home. 

“What do I have to do to get one of those cakes?” Mayor Cullimore joked. 

The following Tuesday, April 19, Kathy delivered a multilayered cake to the council in the middle of their work session meeting. 

“There’s a surprise in there,” she said as she hurriedly left the meeting room. 

As Mayor Cullimore cut into the white-frosted cake, he laughed in surprise as many M&Ms spilled out from inside the white cake.