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Food Trucks Invade Sugar House

May 05, 2016 04:00PM ● By Natalie Mollinet

Natalie Mollinet | [email protected] 

Sugar House - It’s that time of year again with warm weather, and great food, and every Monday night in Sugar House (weather depending) you can find the Food Truck League. Sugar House is known for its local food and local shops, so having the Food Truck League every Monday here, is a way to help support more small owned business, something us Sugar Housians are pros at. 

The Food Truck League, actually got their start in Sugar House last May, and thanks to the success our little community gave to the delicious food the trucks put out, they are now booked for events, and different cities around the Salt Lake Valley. 

“Our tag line and our goal is ‘Bring Great Food and Communities Together,’” Taylor Harris the general manager of the Food Truck League said, “We try to bring these great small trucks with talent to the communities.” 

According to Harris, the Food Truck League looks for places where people are usually cooped up inside, but and try to bring communities together. They had their first event this year on April 4th, and plan to be here in Sugar House every week – just as long as the weather is good – until the weather gets too cold. 

“Sugar House is a very very active social scene,” Harris said, “people love coming out, being involved and engaging. We love Sugar House.” 

Sugar House is known for being a walking community, so being out and about isn’t unusual for Sugar House residence. So the Food Truck League is a really smart way to get the community to be in one place. The residence that have been, have loved the environment and of course the food. 

“It’s great,” Meredith Little a local said, “I thought there was a good variety of food options. It’s so nice that this is within walking distance! And it’s a great opportunity to get to know our neighbors.” 

If you’re still unsure about what the event is, a group of trucks of about five to six, come and serve their delicious food to the community. The people that are in the food trucks spend their time prepping food all the time that is unless they’re serving it to a hundred hungry mouths. A lot of the chiefs in the trucks are either culinary graduates or people that bring in a lot of cultural influences. 

“Most are just purely food guys,” Harris said, “one of the trucks was a sue chef at The Roof, it’s really a cornucopia between the trucks, there are so many different angles and approaches to their food. And when you get them together, it creates some variety.” 

The Food Truck League does look forward to coming to Sugar House though, they chefs in the trucks like the friendly people. The league is working really hard to get communities to know the people behind the trucks, and Sugar House makes it easy. 

“The trucks like to come to Sugar House,” Harris said, “they get to know the people, it’s a place where the connection is being made.” 

Just a year ago, the league was just starting, and here in Sugar House. Harris thought this would be a side thing, but in the end it has become his career. Since he’s started this with some friends, he has created a community of chefs who treat each other like family, and hope to bring that same love to their customers. The league has about 100 operating and registered trucks, and they rotate through them so that all have a chance to share their great food. 

“We really like to thank Sugar House,” Harris said, “We love the local support.” 

If you haven’t had the chance to go meet your neighbors and try some new food, you have all summer to do it. The event is held down by the old D.I. across the street from the theater.