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Teens Enjoy Easter Egg Hunt Specifically for Them

May 05, 2016 11:36AM ● By Kelly Cannon

By Kelly Cannon | [email protected]

Cottonwood Heights - Teenagers enjoyed their very own Easter egg hunt during the special event hosted by the Cottonwood Heights Recreation Center and Cottonwood Heights City. Held on March 25 at the Cottonwood Heights Ice Arena, the event was free and open to all teens ages 13 to 18. 

Warren Hallmark, the program manager at the recreation center, explained that the idea for the event came from the children’s event, which is held the Saturday before Easter. 

“The teens needed to have their own specified event away from the kids in a separate area,” Hallmark said. “We weren’t worried about them stealing candy or anything. There was just a need for a teen event that was not being met with the younger kiddos.”

The teen event originally started at the same field as the kids’ event, but the turnout was dismal. About three years ago, the event moved to the ice arena, where there was free ice skating and free pizza. While the turnout has never been near what the kids’ event has, they still see 60 to 70 teens on average. 

“We used to bring a DJ, but the kids never seemed to pay attention to him, so now we just play our own music,” Hallmark said. “It’s very chill, very relaxed.”

At the end of the evening was the actual Easter egg hunt. The teens put on their shoes, lined up on the ice and then were let loose to grab candy that had been thrown out on the ice. 

“The ice has been chopped up enough by the skating that we don’t really have that many slips,” Hallmark said. 

While the teen event is special for that age group, the turnout pales in comparison to the children’s Easter egg hunt that took place on March 26. Hundreds of kids and their families showed up to Butler Middle School. The fields were divided into five sections, each for a specific age group. The kids were then let loose to grab Easter eggs.

“The setup takes about two hours and it’s over in five minutes,” Hallmark said. 

After the actual egg hunt, face painting and balloons were available for the kids. The Easter Bunny was also available for photos.