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Racing Season Starts at Sugar House Park

Apr 08, 2016 10:10AM ● By Natalie Mollinet

By Natalie Mollinet | [email protected]

Sugar House - With the summer months coming upon us with warmer weather and snow-free streets, it’s that time of year for people around the state and here in Sugar House to start preparing for and signing up for the many 5Ks, marathons and bike races that will be happening in town.

The one that non-runners dread the most is the Salt Lake City Marathon, due to closed roads and the difficulty of getting around the neighborhood. The 26.2-mile run and bike race runs into Sugar House and blocks off parts of 2100 South, 2700 South and Highland Drive. Some who have to work on Saturdays find it irritating, and for others it’s just a matter of planning ahead to make it to your event or job. 

“It makes my 15-minute commute to work a one-hour commute,” David Fisher, a Sugar House resident said. “I feel like Salt Lake City becomes Los Angeles.” 

“I don’t think it’s that bad if you plan for it,” Paige Tanner, another Sugar House resident, said. “The route is posted and times are pretty accurate. It used to sneak up on me and then I felt trapped in my own city.” 

For those who don’t run the marathon, it may seem to be a real pain, but for those who do, running around Sugar House Park is one of the nicest places to go running. It’s the perfect mixture of uphill, downhill and flat areas. You can run on turf and concrete, and either around the park or within the park. 

The perimeter of the race, including running around Highland High School, is measured to be around three miles, and running inside the park builds a distance of about 2.5 miles. 

Carter Livingston, public relations director for the Salt Lake Marathon, said the reason Sugar House is part of the marathon is because of the history in Sugar House and, of course, the park. 

“That’s the experience of the marathon, to be able to see the everywhere in Salt Lake City, the temple, Sugar House, the capitol building. It would be hard not to have Sugar House; it’s always an honor for all of us runners,” Livingston said. 

He also said it’s a great way to get support while you’re running — people line the streets to cheer runners on. 

In addition to the Salt Lake Marathon, several 5Ks (three-mile races) and one-mile walks and runs will be held in the community — some have already started at Sugar House Park. One race, the Sugar House Shamrock Shuffle, was held in March; runners were encouraged to dress up in their greenest green to help raise money for the Westminster Nurse Anesthesia class. 

Sugar House Park also hosted the Buns Up 5K that helped raise awareness for colon cancer. Those who attended were encouraged to wear their best outfits to “show your buns” — not literally, but figuratively.  

One event that will be happening this month is the Run for Your Life Diabetes 5K and Health Fair. Before the race, racers can warm up with some Zumba, and then choose to run a mile or a 5K. 

If you’re interested in running any 5Ks at Sugar House Park this summer, you can find the races online at or register the same day at the race. 

If you are planning on doing any early traveling on April 16, marathon day, just make sure you’re aware of what streets will be blocked off for the marathon. There is a map of the marathon available; the times are pretty accurate, and if you are stuck behind a police barrier, go ahead and grab a sign and cheer on those hard-working runners who have trained for months.