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Apr 07, 2016 03:44PM ● By Adam Ritchie

By Adam Ritchie | [email protected]

Ogden - Casey is the kind of street artist you have noticed. Only to admire the art before discovering who created it.  All around Salt Lake City and surrounding areas, his presence is known through his stunning visual images. Respected in both the street and urban art scene. As he is about to move onto a new chapter in his life and career. The Ogden Source took a moment to learn more about the man behind the art.

OS: Are you local to Utah?

CK: Yeah. I was born in Ogden, grew up and went to school in Davis County. And now I live in Salt Lake City.

OS: What was your start in the art world? 

CK: When I was five years old I took second place in a local coloring contest and won a slinky.   

OS: What do you do in your daily life when you’re not creating? 

CK:  I hang out with my girlfriend and my cat when I’m not making art. And I travel as much as possible.

OS: What motivates your art expression? 

CK:  There’s a lot of motivations for my work. One being the love of the process. Going into my zen mode when I paint.  

OS: Other than street art/ mural work, what else do you create?

CK: I draw a lot. I also do a lot of work with acrylic on wood panels.

OS: Where can people find you and your art? 

CK:  I post my work to Instagram and Facebook, and prints of my work can be purchased on my website at

Instagram: @CaseyKawaguchi