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Westover Hosts Haunted History Tours

Apr 07, 2016 03:36PM ● By Kelly Cannon

By Kelly Cannon | [email protected]

Ogden - Haunted history abounds in Ogden, and residents can get a front-row seat. Robin Westover, of Haunted Ogden and Beyond, has been hosting haunted history tours and pub crawls in Ogden for the past three years and has been a paranormal investigator for the past 15 years. 

“I was with a paranormal group investigating Union Station. We were finding people who had died there and matching them up with records,” Westover said. “I started doing research, and it was fascinating. I started talking to the store owners about any activity they experienced.”

Westover eventually formed her own paranormal group and began hosting her own haunted history tours. Stops including the basement of Making Scents, Union Grill, Smokies and Funk N Dive Bar, the location of an old Masonic temple. 

While the haunted tour takes guests through the areas, the pub crawl stops at different locations and patrons can purchase drinks and appetizers along the way. 

Westover said the difference between her tours and the ones that pop up around Halloween is she provides the real history.

“Some of the stories they tell in October are just rumors,” Westover said. “I have the real history of the people and how they died. There’s not much activity on the walking tour but a lot of real stories.”

Westover said the tours aren’t really scary, but guests can hear the history and visit the spirits who are still hanging around. 

If guests are looking for a more up-close encounter with the spirits, Westover also has Ghost Hunting 101 classes. 

“People can feel the paranormal,” she said.

Westover got into paranormal investigating when she and her daughter went to a paranormal investigation presentation. They were both working in a theater that was rumored to be haunted. 

“We were really intrigued, and we asked them to investigate the theater,” Westover said. 

After that, she joined the group and became a paranormal investigator herself. She eventually left the group and has been out on her own ever since. 

Westover also shoots a Web series called “Proper Manors” and has started another Web series called “American Ghosts Flaunted” where she makes fun of the ghost-hunting television shows. 

Tickets for the tour are two for $30. A $5 discount is available for joining the website. The Ghost Hunting 101 classes are $30 each. Tickets can be purchased at