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Find Sanctuary at Gamer’s Asylum

Mar 10, 2016 01:02PM ● By Bryan Scott

By Cassidy Ward

Ogden - For gamers of all types looking for a supply depot or headquarters, look no further than Gamer’s Asylum, located at 2671 Washington Blvd. The old home of Bookshelf, a small local bookstore, was restocked and remade, better, stronger, gamier. They eventually moved to a new location nearby and now houses everything from comic books to action figures, from video games to tabletop games and high-end collectibles. 

It has been a longtime stereotype that walking into a comic book store or game store was like approaching the bridge of death in “Monty Python and the Holy Grail,” admittance allowed only after answering these questions three. Not so at Gamer’s Asylum. In addition to housing all of your modern and nostalgic pop culture needs, Gamer’s Asylum is also populated with friendly staff willing to answer your questions or let you browse without a hassle. 

Whether you are looking for the latest comic book issues and games or you need a new copy of Contra for your NES because blowing on the contacts just isn’t cutting it anymore, they’ll have what you need. They may even have a copy of Battletoads—you’ll have to ask. 

What makes the Asylum truly special though is that you aren’t required to grab your loot and leave; patrons are encouraged to stay and play with other like-minded gamers. The calendar is filled to overflowing with game events and tournaments. Every Friday night is Magic: The Gathering, and every other day of the week has something going on featuring all of your favorite fictional worlds from “Star Wars” and “Star Trek” to Warhammer, Dungeons & Dragons and Yu-Gi-Oh. It’s safe to say that no matter when you walk in, if you stick around long enough, there will be games to play. 

Video game tournaments are also held in store whenever new titles are released. Tournaments may come with an entry fee but also come with the potential of exclusive prizes. Gamer’s Asylum is not only the perfect place for your entertainment needs, it’s also a great place to hang out and make friends.