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Westminster Skiers Train to Win

Mar 10, 2016 10:43AM ● By Bryan Scott

By Tyson Peterson | [email protected]

Sugar House - Skiers from Westminster took to the slopes in Park City Jan. 4-6 at Utah’s Invitational Slalom. The Westminster team finished second overall in the mens rankings for Alpine events, due to the 77 points they scored in the giant slalom event and the 90 points they scored in the mens slalom race. Skiers Giulio Bosca and Tim Lindgren finished third and fourth respectively in the mens slalom race, and the team finished fourth overall in the giant slalom race.

“My skiing has been getting better, and I’ve been doing well. My goal was to be at least in the top three, if not the winner,” Bosca said of the goals he had for himself.

Bosca, a senior at Westminster, not only finished third in the slalom race but also third in the mens overall individual rankings.

“I’m originally from Italy, but I stayed here in Utah mostly training at Park City. I also went to Minnesota, where they have smaller mountains but good snow. I was able to get a lot of runs in out there,” Bosca said.

“Giulio is very self motivated and wants to be the best he can be.” 

Head coach Chris Hendrickson appreciates Bosca for being self-motivated to become the best he can be.

“I don’t necessarily do any different training with Giulio. All our athletes work very hard on their conditioning and on the hill. They’re all very motivated, training themselves and working hard,” Hendrickson said.

The Westminster Alpine skiing team consists of 14 athletes: five women and nine men. Along with Bosca, there are four other seniors on the team.

“We have a lot of good athletes on our team. We are all very experienced and we’re all good skiers. I try to look at what each skier does best, and then try to model my skiing after that. There isn’t just one teammate I look to as my example. We all have really good skiing skills,” Bosca said.

Hendrickson has served as the head coach since before 2009, and he also serves as the golf team head coach.

“He is an amazing guy. I love him. He puts us in the best condition possible, not only physically, but also our attitude and mindset. He can’t go out and ski for us, so he tries to make us as ready as possible before we compete,” Bosca said.