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Draper State of the City Boasts of Economic Growth

Mar 09, 2016 10:53AM ● By Bryan Scott

By Kelly Cannon | [email protected]

Draper - Draper City Manager David Dobbins boasted of the city’s economic growth during the annual state of the city address. Hosted by the Draper City Chamber of Commerce on Feb. 3, the address highlighted both the growth the city has enjoyed and what the city would like to see happen when the Utah State Prison relocates. 

“It’s been a year where we’ve struggled to keep up with demand, and it keeps going,” Dobbins said. 

Dobbins talked about Vista Station, saying it is growing rapidly. Co-developed by the Gardner Company and the Boyer Company, the 175-acre property is located on the Utah Transit District Frontrunner Draper Station. It currently houses or will house Thumbtack, Solar City,, Storagecraft, 1-800 Contacts, Progressive Leasing, TruHearing and Yardi Systems. Also, eBay has its own 200,000-square-foot facility, while EMC and Academy Mortgage are also building campus buildings. Hilton Homewood Suites is in the process of development and will have 192 rooms. 

Dobbins also announced the Larry H. Miller Group is planning on building two new dealerships, plus 100,000 square feet of office space on 11400 South and Lone Peak Parkway near the Karl Malone Toyota. Dobbins said Larry H. Miller has not officially announced its development plans. 

Plans for the new Draper Recreation Center are moving forward. Dobbins said city officials have applied for $22 million in ZAP funds and are “confident it will be approved.” Salt Lake County residents will vote to approve a bond that will fund the new ZAP funds. The Salt Lake County Council will then vote on which projects will receive funding. The new center will be located near the Draper outdoor pool in South Mountain Park. If the bond is approved, construction will start next year. 

“This will be more of an aquatic center,” Dobbins said. “It will have a lap pool, a pool for kids, a competition pool for the high school and those who like to do laps.”

Dobbins also announced Maverik is planning on building a new location on the corner of Minuteman Drive and Highland Drive. 

Dobbins said people always ask him why Draper is doing so well.

“First of all, I think it’s because we have a great team. We have elected officials who support this. We have businesses who attract people. We have residents who participate in the community, and we have developers who participate,” Dobbins said. “It makes for a great place to do business.”

Mayor Troy Walker spoke about plans for what will happen when the prison relocates. Walker explained the current legislature is working on purchasing land for the new prison site and will begin development. However, Walker said it will be four years before change will be seen at the Draper site.

According to Walker, Envision Utah, a research-based think-tank, will receive funds from the state to study what should be done with the property. Walker reminded the audience the property is owned by the state and does not have to receive input from Draper as to how the property is developed. However, Walker said he didn’t believe that would happen.

Walker said Draper’s vision for the property is mixed use, a combination of both commercial and home properties. 

“If it’s planned right, the potential is phenomenal,” Walker said. 

Walker praised the growth of Draper, both commercially and in regards to how city leaders are managing its properties.

“We keep moving up in places to live,” Walker said. “Our future is bright.”