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Cottonwood Heights Upcoming Events and Volunteer Opportunities

Jan 28, 2016 03:25PM ● By Bryan Scott

By Cassandra Goff | [email protected]

CottonWood-Holladay - Cottonwood Heights will be hosting some upcoming events including a business boot camp.

The Business Boot Camp: Developing Communication Skills will be held on Thursday, Feb. 4, Thursday, Feb. 11, Thursday, Feb. 18 and Thursday, Feb. 25. Each day the boot camp will be held from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. in the first floor training room of the Cottonwood Heights City Hall located at 1265 East Fort Union Blvd.

These free workshops are tailored to business owners interested in developing the communication skills necessary to expertly engage with clients, employees, colleagues and other professionals. Register for individual classes, or take all four courses. RSVP to Peri Kinder at [email protected] or 801-944-7067.

Feb. 4 is titled Communicating to a Diverse Audience. Kelvyn Cullimore, Jr., Cottonwood Heights City Mayor and Dynatronics CEO, will be speaking. 

Feb. 11 is titled Six Approaches for More Powerful Communication. Beth Strathman, Firebrand Consulting, is featured. 

Feb. 18 is titled Effective Communicating and Coaching a Successful Team. Jeff Olpin, Positively Critical, will be speaking. 

Feb. 25 is titled How to Network Effectively. Karin Palle, Advanced Business Consulting, will be speaking.

Volunteer opportunities are also available. The Emergency Preparedness Plan for Cottonwood Heights needs volunteers, where training will be given.  Cottonwood Heights emergency operations center needs volunteers as well. For more information, please contact Mike Halligan, emergency manager, at 801-557-1120 or via email at [email protected].