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Copper Hills Provides 46 Families With Holiday Gifts

Jan 28, 2016 02:06PM ● By Bryan Scott

By Aimee L. Cook | [email protected]

West Jordan - The students and staff at Copper Hills High School realize the importance of helping those in need in their community, especially at Christmas time. Together, they raised $25, 206.45 during the month of December and were able to provide 46 families with gifts for Christmas. 

“Every year our students have a sense of accomplishment and especially those students that shop and deliver,” Scott Adamson, teacher at Copper Hills High School, said. “They see first hand the need and gratitude of those being served.”

Throughout December, students and clubs accepted direct donations and sold items to collect money. Student body officers walked around with buckets and collected money, while other clubs had food stands at lunch time that sold a variety of treats and food carts. 

“A favorite of the students was the ‘Muffin Man,’ which was a cart of muffins that would go around all month and sell muffins for a $1,” Shae Ramos, sophomore, said. “You could tweet the ‘muffin man,’ your class number and they would come by. The last thing we did was a jail cell that was put up in the commons. People could pay money to put someone in, and the person would have to pay the same amount to get out.” 

After all the items are checked off the list for the families, the school uses the remaining funds to pay it forward somehow. 

“Money that is left over, which is not much, we then use to kick start the next year and also help out the community when a need arises,” Adamson said. “For example, earlier this year we donated $1000 to Joyful Welcome, the organization in West Jordan run by the mayor’s wife to benefit our young mothers at Jordan Valley Hospital.”