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Be Good To Your Heart

Jan 27, 2016 08:25AM ● By Bryan Scott

By Sherry Cowdell

South Valley - Your New Year’s resolution might have included the following: lose weight, eat healthier, start an exercise program, reduce stress, etc. Sound familiar? How is that working out for you? If you are one who needs a push and then a shove to begin a daily exercise program, you are not alone.  Most people procrastinate and put off today what they can start tomorrow. But tomorrow turns into weeks and weeks into months and well, you get the picture. 

EnhanceFitness®, formerly called “Lifetime Fitness Program” is a viable solution and a low-cost, highly adaptable exercise program that offers levels that are challenging enough for active older adults and levels that are safe enough for the unfit or near frail. These classes are designed as one hour work out groups and include stretching, flexibility, balance, low-impact aerobics and strength-training. 

In a typical class setting, participants will experience the following:

• A certified instructor with special training in bringing out the physical best from older adults

• A 5-minute warm-up to get blood flowing to the muscles

• A 20-minute aerobics workout that gets participants moving, or a walking workout to lively music that the class chooses

• A 5-minute cool-down

• A 20-minute strength training workout with soft ankle and wrist weights (up to 20 lbs.)

• A 10-minute stretching workout to keep the muscles flexible

• Balance exercises throughout the class

• Opportunities for participants to make new friends and acquaintances

EnhanceFitness® classes do not require special or expensive exercise equipment. A certified instructor, who has completed the EnhanceFitness® training, will safely lead the class through an hour of dynamic exercises at a pace that’s right for the participants.

Over 99 percent of participants say they would recommend EnhanceFitness® to a friend. The class is proven to:

Increase strength. People who regularly attend class become stronger, improve their balance, and become more limber.

Boost activity levels. Even the unfit quickly find themselves able to do the things they want to do, safely and independently.

Elevate mood. Research shows that exercise can help prevent depression, and EnhanceFitness® participants say they feel better physically and emotionally.

Beginning Feb. 1, senior centers in Salt Lake County will compete against each other for the “Traveling Trophy” to help prevent heart disease. The center with the most EnhanceFitness® attendees during the month of February will receive the trophy. Millcreek Senior Center is the current trophy holder. Participants may attend any senior center of their choice to receive credit. The winning center will be announced in early March.

EnhanceFitness® is offered at the Riverton Senior Center every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 2 p.m. For more information, you may contact the center at 385-468-3040 or visit our website at

Taking good care of your heart is an all-inclusive, lifelong process that should include regular exercise, routine doctor visits, healthy eating, blood pressure, blood sugars and cholesterol management and stress control. When it comes to your heart, making smart choices now will prevent the complications of heart disease later on.