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Resolutions Passed, Assignments Made at City Council Meeting

Jan 26, 2016 08:54AM ● By Bryan Scott

By Jewels Baugh | [email protected]

Draper - Draper City council members’ assignments were reviewed for 2016 and a few changes were made during the Jan. 12 city council meeting. Councilmember Michelle Weeks volunteered for the Tree Commission and the Air Quality Works. Councilmember Alan Summerhays volunteered for the Senior Center, Chamber of Commerce and Equestrian Center. The Arts Council and Historic Preservation will be covered by Councilmember Marsha Vawdrey. Councilmember Bill Rappleye will continue to make progress with the Planning Commission and Emergency Preparedness. The Parks, Recreation and Trails Board and Youth Council will be covered by Councilmember Jeff Stenquist, who was also appointed as Mayor Pro Tempore. Also discussed during the council session were the following issues: Reports of high levels of E.coli in the area of Corner Canyon are raising concerns about whether dog owners are scooping and removing waste when they walk their dogs and if dogs are on leashes. Horses are another concern in the area. A deliberation of issuing fines or posting signs to remind dog owners of their responsibility to keep dogs on leashes and scoop waste was discussed. “Dogs are only allowed below the Bonneville Shoreline trail,” Summerhays said. One resident addressed the council to request that tickets be issued to people who park a car in front of a neighbor’s mailbox. The problem being that the mail carrier doesn’t have to deliver mail if a mailbox is blocked. Several Draper residents attended the meeting to express concern over a request for approval of a zone change from RA1 to RA2 on 1.34 acres located on 13400 South. Opposition to the rezoning was in part due to the fact that current residents purchased homes in the area with the idea that large lots would be maintained, and they would like the “unique pocket in Draper” to be kept “that way.” Approval for the rezoning could potentially allow for the property in question to be divided into two or three lots. “We bought our homes here in Draper because of the trees and the wide open spaces and country ambience it has. If lots keep being rezoned, we will lose that and have much more mass population per area,” one resident said. After the residents with objections to changing the zoning were heard, the man who owns the property spoke to the council. During his remarks, he said that he was born on the property and desires to build a house on it, but to also sell part of it. He intends to live among the individuals who showed up to voice their opposition, but said that he felt “they don’t want me here.” “There seems to have been a church meeting and it was decided this was not going to happen, and they all showed up to voice their objections,” he said. After hearing both sides, there was no motion so the decision was tabled. A Dining Club Beer License was approved by the council for Hidden Valley Country Club after amending ordinance #1183 regarding alcohol beverage manufacturing licenses and club licenses. A new clubhouse will be built on the Draper side of the golf course, which will bring revenue to the city. The number of this type of license is limited to one in the city for a dining club. Beekeepers will be happy to know an ordinance was approved for all single family residence owners that allows them to keep bees. The ordinance gives helpful and important guidelines so that the bees will be kept safely and will not interfere with neighbors. This is in conjunction with the state wanting to help preserve a healthy bee population and encourage their survival. A copy of the ordinance will be available to anyone interested so that beekeeping can be done in the proper manner. “Beekeeping is very safe, important and vital to our state,” Summerhays, who has long been a beekeeper himself, said. Resolution #16-03 was passed unanimously to name a field in Draper Park in honor of resident Lynn Ballard. Also passed unanimously was Resolution #16-04 which updates the Draper City Consolidated Fee Schedule. The updates were long overdue according to Rhett Ogden who presented the resolution. For more information on city council, to review agendas or to listen to archived and live council meetings, visit