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In Memory of Biscuit

Jan 04, 2016 03:27PM ● By Bryan Scott

By Rachel Hall

West Valley - It is often said that a dog is a man’s best friend. For Zack Hatch, a senior firefighter, his dog Biscuit was also a partner at work. Together, Zack and Biscuit, West Valley City’s first search and rescue K9, worked to assist residents in need.

“Biscuit served the community for five years, deployed 21 times for missing children [and] missing persons,” Hatch said. “He was never used in an actual disaster here locally, but that is a good thing.”

Biscuit came to West Valley from Duckhill Kennels in Somerville, Tenn. Duckhill Kennels donated four British Labradors to help start a K9 program with the Metro Fire Agency USAR Taskforce, according to Hatch.

“We spent hundreds of hours training and working together,” he said.

Unfortunately, Biscuit passed away unexpectedly in November of 2015.

“His passing was not expected at all.  He had retired from his search and rescue services just 2 ½ months prior,” Hatch said. “He was just getting adjusted to not going to work at the fire station and living on a small farm in Davis County.”

Biscuit has been greatly missed since his passing, especially by Hatch’s children who grew attached to Biscuit, just like many other people had done. According to Hatch, Biscuit was a friendly dog who loved attention and would even pose for pictures.

“He will be missed, but he brought the community and those who worked with him great joy,” he said.

Chasing tennis balls was one of Biscuit’s favorite things to do, and he would often chase them for hours. Hatch’s memories of Biscuit also include having trouble with getting the well-behaved dog into a crate.

“He and I had a real battle to get him into a kennel if he wasn’t doing work,” Hatch said. “When we were training he would hop right in, but if I needed to put him in the kennel we would have a fight.”

Hatch is appreciative of the support from the community in regards to the passing of Biscuit.

“[Biscuit] will be missed by many, but missed the most by me and my family. Thanks for all those who helped and supported him,” he said.