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Thursday Food Truck League Comes to West Valley

Jan 04, 2016 03:14PM ● By Bryan Scott

By Jessica Thompson

West Valley - Korean BBQ, gourmet French toast and piled high hot dogs were just some of the delicious food at the West Valley Thursday Food Truck League.  Last spring, Taylor Harris and Todd Christensen started a company where food trucks come together in a round up to give people in communities a chance to try their unique and tasty foods. Now, they have more than 120 trucks that come together at different locations all along the Wasatch Front. In recent years, food trucks have become very popular. 

“Owners are very passionate about their craft and want to bring what they create to the community, but the high fixed costs of the restaurants and being stuck in one location makes it hard for owners to get to the people. Food trucks give owners the chance to share their food with more people in the community,” Harris said.

Daniel, owner of Papa Doug’s Dogs, had always dreamed of opening a food truck. When he found himself laid off from his sales job, he knew it was the perfect time to start working on his dream. Their signature dish is the Sonora Dog, which includes bacon, pinto beans, tomatoes, onions jalapenos and cilantro mayo all over a giant hot dog. Papa Doug’s Dogs is just one of the many food trucks parked at Fairbourne Station in West Valley City.

“We make our food affordable so families can come out and enjoy our food,” Daniel said. 

The Matterhorn food truck, which specializes in gourmet French toast, is another company to become part of this league. Chad, who lives in West Valley, came to the Thursday event specifically for the Matterhorn French Toast. 

“This food truck has delicious coconut syrup. I just bought four bottles of the syrup for Christmas presents,” Chad said. 

Another fun aspect of the Thursday night event is that around seven trucks park in one location so families can walk up and down the line of trucks and try different types of food. 

“These food truck round ups are fun because you get to be out and see your neighbors and try new things. There is something for everybody,” Harris said.   

David, Manager of Cup Bob Korean BBQ, feels food trucks are popular because, “it’s new and people can’t go to a restaurant to see this type of unique food.” 

Cup Bob is an Americanized Korean BBQ where customers can get two kinds of meats with rice lettuces and noodles. Cup Bob is a good option for people who haven’t had Korean food before, but want to try something new.  The Food Truck League has helped people in the community see the value of all those colorful food trucks parked in various locations. 

“A lot of the popularity has come from the artsy feel. It’s something you can grab and walk and talk with your friends. The atmosphere is more laid back. You don’t have to sit at a restaurant. Especially at these round ups you can go and get something different,” Daniel said.

The Food Truck League has trucks parked at 3590 South 2810 West every Thursday night from 5 to 8 p.m. for families to come and try the eclectic meals of food trucks. 

“We love West Valley. The city has been so great to work with, and all the council men have been perfect to work with,” Harris said.  

Visit for more information on how you can schedule a food truck for private catering, or how your food truck can become part of the league