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South Jordan City Council Year in Review

Jan 04, 2016 12:31PM ● By Bryan Scott

By Stacy Nielsen

South Jordan - With the start of a new year comes an opportunity for residents to stay informed about what’s happening in South Jordan City and to be engaged with local city officials who spend countless hours making decisions for the growth, development and improvements around the city. The South Jordan Journal asked each city council member and the mayor to provide a brief biography, and to provide an update on two issues: What are major highlights from 2015? What is anticipated in the districts and the city for 2016? We received the following responses: 


Mayor David Alvord

It has been a wonderful year for the City of South Jordan!  I am pleased with the progress on the new fire station being built at 10451 South 550 West. As our city grows, this new facility will help us to continue to provide excellent public safety. Our city has been fiscally disciplined, and as a result, we’ve been able to reduce your utility taxes by $300,000. Also this year, Mulligans became debt-free and then saw its biggest year in revenues!  

On a personal note, I will miss my association with three of our outgoing council members -- Mark Seethaler, Chuck Newton, and Steve Barnes. I am grateful to each one of them and their families.  If you get the chance to thank them, please do so.  I am equally grateful for each one of our public employees who work every day to make life better in South Jordan. My wish for 2016 is that it will be peaceful and prosperous year for all of South Jordan’s residents. 

District 1 - Mark Seethaler

The South Jordan Journal did not receive a response by press deadline.

District 2 - Chuck Newton

2015 accomplishments include:

1) Keeping South Jordan-West Jordan joint border off the State Prison Relocation list!

2) Parks. A new zone called “Open Space – Park” (OS-P) to protect our parks by changing them over from their current zoning of Agriculture-Residential. New signs for our parks that started popping up in late 2015 and into 2016. The first full season of the Splash Pad, and starting the process for a new park on 10200 South by the water tank and Bangerter. A start to the new Welby Regional Park, now grown to 160 acres, the largest regional park in the state. The next two years will see the start of massive improvements and projects.

3) Cemetery. The start of $800,000 in improvements and enhancements to beautify our cemetery.

4) New Fire Station. The groundbreaking of Station 63 on 10th West.

5) Historical Signs. Now you can find landmarks easier as you drive across the city.

6) Arts Council. Not just a new name, but a new expanded vision.

7) Roads. More 2700 West safety improvements, and the bidding of $1 million in safety improvements along 3200 West. A deal with UDOT for 10600 South improvements, and finally fixing Bangerter and 11400 South intersection and traffic oval starting 2017.

8) Mulligans. A survey of the residents, a $6 million dollar bond payoff saving $1.8 million in interest, a Commission to study improvements and enhancements to expand winter use, and food truck Wednesdays.

9) Economic Development. A new shopping center called Oquirrh Mountain Marketplace, new businesses around Bangerter and 10400 South, including Costco and Sportsman’s Warehouse. The start of the buildout of our TOD area by Front Runner with new office buildings, and a seven story hotel.

2016 - The Future

1) A new look to the plaza between the library and The Pie.

2) Mulligans. Starting the process of enhancements, including more marketing.

3) Cemetery. Finish Phase I, plan Phase II.

4) Welby Park. Start the projects, and ZAP Funding for more.

5) Finish rezoning all parks to OS-P. A whole new look at the TOD area by the Front Runner station.

6) Oquirrh Mountain Marketplace - the opening of a Men’s Warehouse, Denny’s and a couple of other surprises.

7) The construction of a new 50 meter lap pool.

District 3 - Donald J. Shelton

The South Jordan Journal did not receive a response by press deadline.

District 4 - Councilman Steve Barnes

The South Jordan Journal did not receive a response by press deadline.

District 5 - Councilman Chris Rogers

The South Jordan Journal did not receive a response by press deadline.