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Taylorsville’s Got Talent Again, Winners Announced

Dec 10, 2015 09:04AM ● By Jessica Thompson

By Jessica Thompson 

Taylorsville - It’s now a known fact, Taylorsville City is full of incredible talent. The 2015 Taylorsville’s Got Talent show was a great success with incredibly talented performers.  

One performance was given by 9-year-old Kaissa Woodruff who played from memory, ‘Believe’ from the Polar Express on the piano. A junior category participant, Garett Howe, played the song ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ on his guitar while he swooned all the girls in the audience with his great folk-like singing voice. 

Audience members were wowed with adult participant, Daniel Schafffer’s mentalist performance where he guessed items from the audience with silver dollars taped over his eyes with half a roll of duct tape. These were just some of the amazing performances given by local Taylorsville citizens.  

“I love hearing and seeing all of the different talents people have. It is exciting to see young people who are just developing their talents, to those who have been working for years to hone their talents,” Taylorsville’s Got Talent’s emcee Wendy Smedshammer said. 

With every talent show there must be a winner. Taylorsville’s Got Talent offered a winner in three different categories. 11-year-old Caleb Newton, who played ‘Sonata’ by Beethoven beautifully on the piano, won the children’s category winning $25. Newton has been playing piano since he was  4-years-old, and is now excited to buy some toys with his winnings.

“It felt pretty good be the child winner. I feel pretty special, I guess,” Newton said.

 The junior category winner of $50 was Megan Frost who performed the well-known song ‘Hero’ by Bonnie Tyler, with help from a very handsome Ute football player’s cardboard cut-out. 

“I was excited to be up on stage, but was a little bit nervous because I had some tough competition. They all did really great,”  Frost said.

Taylorsville’s Got Talent’s $100 adult winner was Rachel Bates who powerfully sang the classic song ‘Big Time.’ Bates confident singing performance as well as her ability to engage the audience was amazing. 

“It was really exciting to win for the adult category. It makes me feel encourage to perform more. I’m really happy,” she said.    

Taylorsville’s Got Talent show offers a wonderful opportunity for community members to show their amazing talents.  

“We live in a state that encourages people to further develop their talents and abilities. Taylorsville’s Got Talent show gives them a positive venue where they can have the opportunity to showcase what they have been working on,” Smedshammer said.